A Spanko Poem For Me By “Mike”

In appreciation of Gin . . .who is an expert at skills that narrow-minded people do not understand . . .

An hour with Gin

Is not a sin,

Though some folks seem to think

There is no way 

That it’s OK

That those who have our kink

Should spank, or should

Be spanked (and good

And hard). Or should enjoy

A hot rear end

When we pretend 

To be a girl or boy

Who needs to be

Well-spanked, you see,

Bared bottom set aflame

With brush or hand.

But it feels grand

To play this special game.

No sin indeed

When there’s a need

That has been there for years

To feel the heat

On full-bared seat.

Who better knows that rears

Are just the thing

To feel a sting

Than Gin? She so well measures

How hard, how long…

She’s never wrong 

In mixing pains and pleasures.

I look ahead

To just how red

She’ll leave my burning bottom 

With brush or strap, 

Across her lap.

All implements, she’s got ‘em.

Gin is the best,

And we are blessed

Who’ve felt her hand applied

With love and care

Right THERE and THERE 

Upon a bare backside.

We always know

Buttocks will glow

As lying ‘cross her knees

We feel the heat

In burning seat;

She knows well how to please.

There is no way

That I can say 

All that I should in thanking

This best of friends

Who gives our ends

The best bare-bottom spanking!

Thank you for the poem “Mike” ;)

Smiles and Spanks, NaturallyGin.com