Masks…for your butt?

Butt Masks? Sure! Why not?! I purchased the “Slap It!” mask and will be trying it later tonight :) “At Bawdy Beauty, we’re all about “bawdy care” – for your butt and beyond! We believe your butt should look as great as your face. You want to show it off, don’t you? That’s why we […]

Michael Masterson’s The Spanking Blog

What spanko isn’t a Michael Masterson fan?! The Spanking Blog consists of spanking related news, reviews and articles. Enjoy if you haven’t already! “This is an adult site dedicated to the exploration of spanking between consenting adults. The main focus is on disciplinary spankings portrayed in various spanking videos and pictures, with sample pictures and reviews of […]

The Buttress Pillow

Hmmmmm…..🤔 Not exactly sure what to think about this. “Since the beginning of time, Butts have been watched, admired and respectfully claimed. They were a source of joy when there was no other joy to be found. Butts are universal, the source of life, comfort, and a natural source of warmth and love. Our mission is […]