Questions People Ask During Sessions

Just for fun here are the most popular questions people ask me during sessions. Have I forgotten something? If so, the comment section is open.

  • Who spanks you? A handful of very lucky and very skilled individuals.
  • How often are you spanked? As often as I want to be.
  • Is there any chance that I could spank you during a session? Probably not.
  • How did you learn how to spank? There was no Master Spanker to show me how to spank or a spanking training course! There was only the desire to spank and to be spanked. A person can learn a lot about spanking from being spanked…07.23.18
  • How often do you think about spanking? Everyday. Even when I am not doing something spanking related it is always in my mind.
  • Can you take a picture of my bottom? Yes! I am always happy to take a photo of your well spanked bottom after our session. It is only by the request of you that the photo be posted on my blog and/or FetLife account.
  • How many sessions do you usually have in a day? I prefer to only have one session per day and I will only hold four sessions per week.
  • Do you prefer spanking men or women? I have no preference.
  • Does your spouse know that you spank people? My spouse has always known that I am a spanko with a very active spanking life within and outside of NaturallyGin.
  • Can I use you as a reference when seeing someone new? Yes, please do! I am always encouraging spankos to have multiple spanking play partners and I will happily provide a reference to make that happen if we have had a session together.
  • What are your favorite implements to use? This answer is always changing, but currently it is the Littledeer Turn Oar and my long riding crop.
  • What are your favorite implements to have used on you? The Nasty Rubber Stick aka “Mr. Bendy” and the Redecker Bath Brush.
Littledeer Turn Oar 

  • What happens if I run into you in the “real world”? I will respectfully ignore you and you will respectfully ignore me.
  • How long have you lived in San Francisco? I lived in San Francisco for seventeen years and have since relocated to Utrecht, The Netherlands.
  • Where are you originally from? The San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Can you remember when you first became interested in spanking? The obsession was firmly planted in my mind when I was seven years old after seeing an illustration of a young man being spanked in the children’s book Bored–Nothing To Do. After that, like so many other spankos, my ears always perked up whenever the word “spanking” was mentioned. In conversation, on television or in a book – it didn’t matter! This particular book was in my second grade classroom. During in-school Reading Time students were allow to choose one book from the small classroom library. Can you guess which book I decided to read everyday? I remember when it was time to return the books to the shelf I would shyly try to hide my special book in a place that would guarantee it would be there for me the next day. I couldn’t have another kid snatching up my precious book! I needed to see that illustration again! I needed to read those words over and over again, “A good spanking (and a kiss).” Shortly after discovering Bored–Nothing To Do my Barbie doll started giving my Ken doll spankings on a regular basis. Sometimes with her hand, other times with her slipper or hairbrush. After the spanking he would be sent upstairs to bed without dinner – poor Ken! I also kept a dictionary in my bedroom for the sole purpose of looking up words like “spanking” and “punishment.”

  • Were you spanked as a child? No, I was never spanked as a child.
  • When did you start spanking? When I was nine years old I pulled a neighborhood boy over my knee and delivered a flurry of light swats. We were playing a game of teacher/student and he was being a “naughty student.” I guess you could say this was odd behavior for a nine year old, but in my mind I wasn’t doing anything wrong and the boy actually found the whole thing quite funny.
  • Do you actually enjoy spanking? Yes, I absolutely love everything to do with spanking. I’m really not in the habit of doing things that I do not enjoy.
  • Can you tell me why I enjoy spanking so much? No, not really. All I can say is that if it makes you happy to be spanked then you shouldn’t question it.

Questions from comment section:

Which people, books, websites, etc. have influenced your view of spanking as an adult? In what ways?


The greatest influence in my spanking life has definitely been Doc Tsai. Our friendship over the years has meant so much to me. Before I could even develop a proper view on spanking, I needed to know that I wasn’t alone when it came to my love of spanking and he gave me that. I wrote a bit about Doc here.

One particular individual has for many years now been giving me the best possible spankee experiences and it has influenced my views on spanking immensely. Our spanking play has made me realize over and over again that a person is a more accomplished spanker when they have been on the receiving end of a spanking. It is just amazing how much you learn as a spankee!


Anything written by Janet W. Hardy aka Lady Green. I was so happy when I first discovered The Compleat Spanker.

Can I still have a session with you if I get aroused during spanking although I fully understood there will be no sexual activity. Because I can’t control that.

No. It clearly states on my website that if you are sexually aroused at any time during our spanking session then you will be asked to leave immediately.

I am sure there are plenty of other true spankos out there who will allow you to be sexually aroused. I am not one of them.

Smiles and Spanks,

6 thoughts on “Questions People Ask During Sessions

  1. Can I still have a session with you if I get aroused during spanking although I fully understood there will be no sexual activity. Because I can’t control that.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question! I looked at Doc’s blog and saw that he mentioned that you influenced his views about safewords. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts about them in a future post.

  3. P.S. I just bought and read Janet W. Hardy’s “Spanking for Lovers” (which is an updated/expanded version of “The Compleat Spanker”). It was great; thanks for the recommendation.

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