New Toys From Folsom Street Fair 2018

Found a wonderful vendor today at the Folsom Street Fair – The Kink Shop.  Special thank you to Nancy and Master Mac!

Here is what I got…

The Kink Shop.jpg

The Lollipop – “Made from a core of 1/2 inch marine plywood and covered on both sides with heavy black leather, it has a marvelous feel to the bottom.”

The Slapper Paddle“We have never had one break, and many have accepted this statement as a challenge and tried.”

The Plain Rattan Cane“To keep that naughty boy or girl behaving and in control!”

Josephine Drake used something similar to The Slapper Paddle on me yesterday while I was over the spanking bench at La Maison, it was delightful! Very happy that I found one to add to my collection ;)

Smiles and Spanks,