“It’s just spanking for the love of it…”

Every visit with Gin is a delight, and this one was especially wonderful, from a long, careful warm-up, with underpants and then (of course) bare-bottom. Followed by an intense hairbrushing, to the last extra-dozen or so smacks before departure, as a sort of dessert. 

I have been seeing Gin for a long time now, so I am one of her oldest clients –  I am also her oldest in terms of age – and this picture of a very elderly spanked bottom testifies to the fact that her ‘treatments’ keep me young. She is cute, intelligent, wonderful to talk to and look at and be spanked by.  

Her spankings make me feel alive and talkative; many spankos like myself need someone to talk to about our secret lives.  She is a sort of therapist for folks like me. 

I wanted my spanked bottom shown on her blog as a testament to her skills and because I feel lucky to have found her, in my own city, and to get spanked by her just about every month.

She loves to give spankings, not because of the tribute but because it is who she is and what she loves to do.  I have been spanked as an adult, by professionals, for about 40 years and no one else has been such a ‘pure spanko’ (that is, it’s not part of a sexual scene – never!) It’s just spanking for the love of it, and I love to be spanked by Gin.” 


Smiles and Spanks, NaturallyGin.com