I was so excited when I first discovered Miss Isis’ website. Our identical views and our shared passion for spanking made me want to meet her. I was fortunate enough to do so while in the Netherlands. She was a beautiful person and a dedicated spanking enthusiast. I am so very saddened by her passing. She will be missed by many.

P.S. I’ve enabled the comments on this blog post if anyone wants to add a farewell message.


(Me and Miss Isis)

Smiles and Spanks, Gin

5 thoughts on “Vaarwel

  1. I learned about Miss Isis of the Netherlands a few years ago from a spanking acquaintance. After viewing her website, I decided that I had to see her – l loved it where she wrote “I will spank you at my own strict way, but I can also comfort you. Pure, the way I like it.”

    Not too much later my wife and I fortuitously had a trip to the Hague and I made arrangements to see Miss Isis at her studio near the town of Arnhem. My wife and I drove halfway across the Netherlands (which is not really that far) to keep the appointment.

    Miss Isis did not disappoint. She spanked me vigorously but also kept my wife, who is not a spanko and was there just to watch, engaged with her playfulness and generous spirit. When she had me strapped to her spanking bench she made me count out the strokes in Dutch, a language that I do not speak. When I made a mistake she would start over again at one (“een”). By the end of the session I could count to ten quite fluently.

    I was hoping to go back and see Miss Isis again for the “no mercy” spanking that she referred to on her website. I had also hoped that she might visit the U.S. one day. She was not someone you only cared to meet once. I was greatly saddened when I heard today that she had passed away, much too soon.

  2. Thank you Miss Isis,

    I was lucky to meet Miss Isis shortly after that she has started as a disciplinarian. I was immediately impressed by her being a warm, caring friendly and open person. We shared the same vision and so much more also in personal life.

    Together we chose my goals and she was sincerely serious that she wanted me to achieve them. Always with a lot of patience and care and if necessary, she strengthened her words by punishing my misbehavior. I can still remember how often I felt myself shivering seeing her taking her favorite long wooden spoon or cane. Knowing that what I deserved I will get from her without arguing. She only used discipline to bring out the best in me. Afterwards I felt calm and motivated again and thanks to her it felt as if I could move mountains.

    We often talked for hours and we completely forgot about the time.
    She sparkled and was always so alive! I respected and trusted her deeply.
    We laughed and cried together and I enjoyed every second that I could be with her!

    In the past she had already overcome serious health problems. And for several years it went very well with her. But for over a year ago her illness came back and slowly like a thief in the night she become more and more sick again. But although it was very difficult for her and she had to suffer so much she never gave up. It looked like this time she also would overcome her illness and the expectations were good. Life looked beautiful again. She was full of expectations and so much looking forward for this!

    But suddenly and totally by surprise our precious and beloved Miss Isis left us and our world in the early morning from the 3th of march at the young age of just 40. She has meant so much to so many people and together with (almost) all of them we proved our last personal and warm and caring honor to her.

    It is so totally unfair what she had to experience and suffer. She has fought so very long and hard for it and tried her best just to be allowed to live! I have such a great admiration for her and I would have deeply loved it so much to see it end differently.

    I wanted to thank her for being my friend. I miss her so much, loved her, treasured her, and she will keep this warm and special place in my heart, always!

    Thank you Miss Isis, for being You and in my life!

    Always yours, M

  3. With immeasurable passion, Miss Isis brought so much joy to those who sought discipline through spanking. A warm soul with a kind and playful heart – she will be missed by many. Sending love and light to her family as they grieve, and may time and shared memories bring some comfort and peace.

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