A note from spankee D:

“I am a mature gentleman and have been involved in the BDSM world, in my private life and with professional dominatrixes, since I became an adult.  In addition to private play, I have done a significant number of BDSM sessions with pro dommes in various cities, including many of the stars of the profession. But I was never fully satisfied with BDSM play – it became boring, repetitive and ritualistic. It did not feel genuine. The sexual element did not feel right. Then, a few years ago, I came across Miss Gin’s website. I was immediately taken with her direct, no-nonsense writing style and her promise of a no-frills discipline session. This was a woman who knew exactly what she wanted – to spank, with none of the trappings of BDSM and without any of the sexual content that is often associated with professional BDSM sessions. I knew that I had to see her and immediately made an appointment to meet for a spanking session.

Since receiving my first spanking from Miss Gin I have been back to see her multiple times and have even introduced her to my wife, who has participated in a few of our sessions. Miss Gin and my wife have developed a mutual respect and my wife feels no threat at all from Miss Gin. I have given up BDSM play entirely and have made a point to expand my spanking experiences with professional disciplinarians from Seattle to Los Angeles to New York to London and the Netherlands. There are many great disciplinarians out there, but so far none have come close to duplicating the delightful experiences I have had with Miss Gin. My regular sessions with her have become an important part of my life.

When I arrive at Miss Gin’s for a spanking, I never know exactly what I will get. Sometimes my wife will have communicated some misbehavior on my part to Miss Gin and she will greet me sternly, have me undress and set about spanking me thoroughly and harshly with no warmup and with a variety of cruel implements, from straps to canes to paddles to the dreaded hairbrush and wooden spoon. There is no playfulness in these sessions – Miss Gin knows that I need to be punished and she administers the punishment exactly as required, including corner time to allow me to reflect on my misdeeds and wallow in my humiliation. I fear these spankings, but I also crave them.

Other times, when I have been on (relatively) good behavior, Miss Gin will be genial and personable when I arrive at her studio – and she has a delightful personality. On those occasions, the spanking will begin with a thorough hand spanking on my bare bottom while I am draped over Miss Gin’s knee to warm me up and then will proceed to harsher punishments, but always within the range of what I can tolerate. Again, Miss Gin will use corner time judiciously to allow my bottom to recover and to give me a chance to reflect on my need for correction.

One thing that I have learned is that I have no control over the spanking sessions with Miss Gin. She has a firm idea in mind as to how the session is going to proceed and it is no use at all – even counterproductive – for me to try to direct the session in any way. All I can do is to go with the flow and give in entirely to Miss Gin’s will, which for me is one of the great beauties of the sessions – my complete surrender to Miss Gin.

One of the aspects of the spanking sessions with Miss Gin that I appreciate most is that there is none of the time-wasting, downtime and even silliness that I associate with BDSM sessions – no groveling at the Mistress’ feet, no boot kissing, no body worship, no complicated bondage, no fumbling with electrical equipment, no gags, masks, collars, cuffs or bits of hardware attached to various body parts. With Miss Gin it is all business – a full hour or more of pain, humiliation, submission and psychic release with no breaks other than the occasional few minutes of reflection while standing in the corner, which is exactly what I need. On the other hand, when the spanking is finished, Miss Gin is very generous with her time and company, allowing for a full decompression from the intensity of the spanking.

I knew the first time that Miss Gin spanked me that she was something special. Now, having received multiple spankings from her and having experienced spankings by a number of her peers, I have no doubt that she is simply the best at what she does. When I leave her studio after a spanking session, the sun is brighter, colors are sharper, music is livelier and my attitude towards those around me and life in general is much more positive. I consider myself truly fortunate to have found Miss Gin and to have had the opportunity to benefit from her skill, experience and intelligence. My life is much better for it. If you are interested in being spanked properly, I strongly suggest that you see Miss Gin.”


Smiles and Spanks,