Doc Tsai

It was almost a decade ago when I first contacted a man called Doc through his website.

At that time I was deeply frustrated with the confused looks vanillas would give me upon my spanking related requests and was always unsatisfied in the end if by chance some sort of spanking play had occurred.

I read and reread Doc’s website for weeks, and finally decided to write him a short message. It went something like, “Dear Doc, I took so much delight in reading your website. You get it. I would love to talk more about spanking.”

He called my first message a “perfect beginning” and from there our friendship was born. Doc was the first true spanko I had ever come in contact with, and we exchanged messages for years before finally meeting in person. Such a joyful moment that was! Doc also introduced me to my dear friend and spanking enthusiast, JDV, which has resulted in many happy spanking times :)

Even when I was young and didn’t quite understand my fascination with spanking, I always knew that it would be a part of who I am. I also knew that I would not be able to successfully explore my spanking desires if I didn’t meet someone who shared my obsession with spanking.

Looking for the right person to share my thoughts and feelings about the subject became everything to me. Luckily I found Doc and he was my right person. He was a calming wealth of encouragement and information, and able to answer all of the lingering questions I had in the back of my mind.

After my correspondence with Doc began I was able to be more upfront about my spanking expectations, able to connect with more people in the spanking community and actually start meeting them in person! This was when I first got the idea for my own website.

As an avid journal writer I started to create NaturallyGin in one of my many notebooks. Carrying my ideas around with me to work, coffee shops, parks, even the local watering hole. Trying to come up with the simplest way to present my obsession. Oddly enough I never mentioned my website plans to Doc. It wasn’t until Gin was up and running that I showed him the website. He was thrilled that I had given myself the freedom to explore my spanking nature even further.

All I can say is that this spanking adventure of mine, through NaturallyGin, as well as in my personal life would have all been a hell of a lot harder and probably not as much fun if it hadn’t been for Doc’s reassuring voice.

“It’s all about trust. And while it may seem improbable that trust can be gained or lost over e-mail and phone alone, we can and will do it; in or out, yes or no. We need only to be patient and continue to talk, and the path will become clear. We have a good foundation. You’ve shown your courage already, and I respect that.”

Oh, Doc. Not only a true spanko, but a true friend as well.

Smiles and Spanks,