Paula Meadows, Spanking Originals For Sale – Continued!

I was browsing Lynn Paula Russell aka Paula Meadows artwork again and found a few spanking related originals, the ones linked were for sale when I posted this. The illustration “Tea Party” is my favorite. ;-)

Explore more in my previous post, Paula Meadows, Spanking Originals For Sale.

Lynn Paula Russell ‘Behind to the Future’ original drawing for Februs magazine

Lynn Paula Russell, Jackie (1), original drawing for Februs magazine

Lynn Paula Russell, Jackie (2), original drawing for Februs magazine

Lynn Paula Russell Tea Party

Lynn Paula Russell, An Intermission (Sold)

Lynn Paula Russell, Corporal Therapy, original drawing for Februs magazine

Lynn Paula Russell, Februs 33

Lynn Paula Russell, Getting Ready

Lynn Paula Russell, Girl from Behind

Lynn Paula Russell , SUMMER HOLIDAY, ORIGINAL PAGES from the adult illustrated story

Lynn Paula Russell, Sam’s Mistress 1 and Lynn Paula Russell, Sam’s Mistress 2

Lynn Paula Russell, Sarah by the Sea

Lynn Paula Russell, Strictures 1 (Sold)

Lynn Paula Russell, Strictures 2 (Sold)

Lynn Paula Russell, Strictures 3 (Sold)

Lynn Paula Russell, The Barrister 1, original signed drawing

Lynn Paula Russell, The Barrister 2, ‘Afterglow’, original signed drawing


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Gesperax, “Overdue Rent” Spanking Story and Illustrations

Gesperax is a German spanking artist who enjoys telling stories through her art. Her main characters are Belinda Krüger – a full of mischief troublemaker from Germany, and Livonna and Dame Athanasia – quite unlucky she-werewolf and vampiress from a medieval fantasy.

Overdue Rent by Gesperax

Belinda and her French friend Alicia were renting an apartment in Paris. Their landlady Madame Gadille was a strict woman and the girls were two weeks behind on the rent. When Alicia told her that they wouldn’t be able to pay her until next month, Madame Gadille went crazy. She already went through a messy lawsuit with another tenant in the past, and she didn’t want to do it again. So instead the Frenchwoman gave the French girl a very painful belting and took all the cash Alicia had in her purse before leaving.

A hour later Belinda came home. Alicia complained to her about the belting she received from their landlady and blamed her German friend for them being overdue with the rent. Belinda laughed and said that she was lucky that she wasn’t at home when Madame Gadille arrived and mocked Alicia about her pain. Alicia was in really bad mood after the belting she received so she dragged Belinda to the soft sofa, sat down and bared the German’s bottom to give her a well deserved spanking with her own hairbrush.

When Alicia was finally satisfied, she released Belinda. The German jumped around for some time, dancing the brat war dance.

“Damn you, Alicia! You walloped me really hard!” she complained “I do not believe that Frau Gadille spanked you worse!”

“Oh, really?!” Alicia respond angrily “Come here, let’s check it out!”

Both girls went to the mirror and bared their sore bottoms. They had a very unhappy appearance as they gazed at their afflicted backsides.

More of Gesperax’s artwork can be viewed on SpankingSlumberParty, AnimeOTK and DeviantArt.

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Bubbles by Ero Kai 🛁

Ero Kai is a poet and short story writer who decided to explore his identity as a submissive in the form of Shakespeare’s immortal sonnets.

Just as Shakespeare’s sonnets were sensual love letters to no doubt forbidden loves, these sonnets are dedicated to his love of kink, female domination, spanking, sexuality and taboo.

You can follow EK and read his sonnets for free accompanied by tasteful erotic photography on Twitter and FetLife as well as purchase his Shakespearean Sex Sonnets on Lulu.

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Shakespearean Sex Sonnets by Ero Kai

Ero Kai is a poet and short story writer who decided to explore his identity as a submissive in the form of Shakespeare’s immortal sonnets.

Just as Shakespeare’s sonnets were sensual love letters to no doubt forbidden loves, these sonnets are dedicated to his love of kink, female domination, spanking, sexuality and taboo.

You can follow EK and read his sonnets for free accompanied by tasteful erotic photography on Twitter and FetLife as well as purchase his Shakespearean Sex Sonnets on Lulu.

EK wrote Riverbank in three parts after I told him that I enjoyed wet bottom spankings in nature. ;-)

Smiles and Spanks,

“The Enforcer”  by Ms. N

One of my San Francisco spankees, Ms. N, wrote several short spanking stories during our virtual sessions and asked if I would post them on my blog.

This story is a continuation of “If I Were Mrs. Taylor’s Daughter” and “Bring Mommy’s Hairbrush.”

“The Enforcer”  by Ms. N

“Hello,” Mr. Taylor called from the front door as he walked inside.

“In the office,” Mrs. Taylor responded.

Mr. Taylor hung his keys on the hook by the door and walked down the hall to the office he and his wife shared.  As he walked into the office and set his briefcase down, his wife took off her reading glasses and looked up from her laptop. “How did the negotiations go?” she asked.

Mr. Taylor leaned over to give her a “hello” kiss.  “We completely have them by the balls!  The settlement will be worth hundreds of millions, and our firm will take a substantial cut.  I’ve never seen a clearer case of trademark infringement. Fortunately, the client listened to all of our guidance and held firm on all counts.  It’s a good win for us,” he beamed.

“Well,” Mrs. Taylor said, raising her eyebrows and looking pleased, “It sounds like some young man may be getting a reward this evening.” 

She then put her reading glasses back on and resumed review of her case.

Upon hearing this, Mr. Taylor felt a rush of adrenaline in his stomach and a stiffening in his pants.  His wife had purposefully left that comment hanging knowing how he would react.  He loved earning rewards from her, and knew it would likely mean a monster release for him later as his wife would skillfully take him to the edge of pleasure through pain.  He allowed his mind to wander to the possibilities as he leaned against the doorframe. 

Their sexual play always stayed fresh and he adored how creative she was at controlling him, even if he was being punished.  She was meticulous in her actions and had little tolerance for mistakes whether they were playing or she was disciplining him.  She could quickly and efficiently put him in a submissive space where he was easily manipulated and controlled.  

One of her favorite methods for controlling him was to pull him bare bottomed over her lap for a hand spanking or paddling until she could feel him getting hard.  She would then make him maintain his painful erection until she was properly serviced, then would allow him to come.  Early on he had difficulty not shooting his wad before receiving permission, and would find himself marched to the shed and unceremoniously secured to the spanking bench.  He would then receive a hard caning or flogging on his bottom and thighs as punishment.  He learned quickly how to maintain a hard-on until his wife gave her approval for him to rub one out. 

Without even looking up from her laptop, Miranda could tell Paul was fantasizing about the reward he may get later.  She gave them out sparingly.  She loved the power dynamic in their relationship and enjoyed putting him through his paces.  She knew her husband’s public persona could be arrogant, opportunistic, driven and frat-boyish. She taught him early that this behavior would not be tolerated at home or anytime in her presence.  Any hint of these behaviors, and she would forcibly turn him over her knee, lower his underwear, and spank his little bottom blue.  He would then get a minimum of one hour in the corner and possibly additional time bent over where she would add bruises to his already purple and sore ass. 

Although she loved her husband and how compatible they were on many levels, she had recently reconnected with one of her former female play partners, and started a spicy online flirtation. Miranda sometimes found men to be sort of simple creatures and liked the challenge of unlocking the sensuality in women as well.

Her play partner was very kinky and a true masochist which Miranda loved.  They were both skilled at role play and covered fantasies from school girl and headmistress spankings, paddlings and canings to hardcore dungeon play involving suspension and flogging.  They complemented each other well, fully embracing their top and bottom roles.  Her partner was also sexually adventurous and delightfully submitted to Miranda’s desire to experiment with strap-ons.  Miranda found that fucking with a strap-on fueled her penchant for control, and allowed her to focus completely on her partner’s reaction and pleasure since her own stimulation was more mental than physical.

She mostly enjoyed fucking from behind since it nicely presented her play partner’s bottom for spanking, pinching and scratching during their strap-on sessions. She allowed her partner to use the Magic Wand on herself during the fucking, and immensely enjoyed witnessing the intense orgasms that would inevitably ensue.  She introduced pegging into her relationship with Paul several years ago and it was now part of their regular sexual play.  They both enjoyed fucking this way in front of their long closet mirror.

“Well,” Paul said, abruptly interrupting her reverie, “I’m going to make us each a drink, then we can sit outside for a bit and celebrate a good legal victory.”

Miranda had to quickly collect herself. “That would normally sound very enjoyable, except we no longer have a functioning patio set.”

“What? What do you mean?” Paul asked.

“You know today was Madi’s first day of yard work punishment, and she had the bright idea of watching cat videos on her phone while driving the riding mower,” Miranda began to explain.

“I don’t like the sound of this,” Paul responded.

“She wasn’t paying attention to where she was going, and crashed into the patio table pushing it up against the side of the house, shattering the table-top glass, and bending the frame,” Miranda continued sounding exasperated.

“Oh no, did you…” Paul began to ask.

“Oh yes, I marched her by the ear out to the shed, bent her over the spanking horse and gave her a good old fashioned belt whipping,” Miranda interrupted.

“You took her into the shed?  Do you think she saw anything?” Paul asked a little nervously.

“When we walked in, I quickly closed the curtain. If she saw anything she likely didn’t know what she was looking at, so I’m not too worried,” she replied.

Miranda loved the metaphor associated with taking someone to the woodshed to correct misbehavior.  She had done extensive soundproofing and selected only well-crafted fetish furniture, some of it custom, to ensure she was always well placed to spank the right places. Although some play and punishment took place in the house, true discipline was administered in the woodshed.

“There is a lack of discipline with that girl. If she were my child, I would have her straightened out right away, I can tell you that,” she stated sternly.

“Well, we were thinking about replacing that patio furniture anyway, so I guess I can buy us a gold-plated set once the settlement goes through,” Paul replied with a haughty grin.

She looked up at him trying to decide if this comment could warrant some mild correction for being a little arrogant, but decided to let it go.  Paul walked out and into the kitchen to start making some drinks.  “Did you pick up the discovery from the paralegal’s office on your way home?” Miranda called out from the office.

No response came from her husband.  “Did you hear me, Paul?  I need the discovery to finish my case for submission before 10:00 AM tomorrow,” she said again more loudly.

When no response came a second time, she got up from the desk and walked into the kitchen.  Paul was standing slightly bent over with his head down and palms on the counter.  “What’s wrong?” she asked,  “Why aren’t you answering me?” she inquired more directly.

“I forgot to pick up the discovery,” Paul responded sheepishly, feeling his reward slipping away.

“What? Are you kidding me, Paul?  We already had to ask once for an extension. I need to have the written discovery tonight to submit to the plaintiff’s attorneys tomorrow or I am completely screwed!” Miranda sternly reproached her husband.

“I was focused on the negotiation outcome and completely forgot. I’m really sorry,” Paul apologized, shaking his head.

“Well, I’m going to make you sorry!” Miranda scolded loudly, “You are going to have to go back to the paralegal’s office tonight to pick it up for me!”

“Is there any way I can go first thing in the morning?  I’m tired from the negotiations and it could be a two hour round trip back into the city on a Saturday night,” her husband responded in a semi-pleading tone.

He could tell it was not a good idea to backtalk his wife at this moment and regretted his response as he saw her tense up and her face become stone cold. “You will be going back to the city tonight to pick up the documents I need, and you’re going to be sitting on a smarting and plugged bottom to keep you alert!” she admonished.

“This delay means I’m going to have to stay up until the early hours to finish the case, and I have Madi coming at 8:00AM to resume her yard work which I have to monitor.  I’m extremely disappointed with this mistake and with your backtalk, young man. You are going to be punished!”

He stood in front of her with his hands at his side and eyes down.“I want you out in the woodshed now!  Strip down to your underwear, put your nose in the corner and wait for me!” she directed.

“Yes, Miss,” he responded, reduced to a little boy.

When being punished, she required her husband to refer to her as “Miss,” or sometimes as “Mommy” if he was really acting childish.  He was to respond to all commands and questions with either, “Yes, Miss,” or “Yes, Mommy.”

Paul walked towards the backdoor with his shoulders slumped.  He knew better than to say anything else that may increase the severity of his upcoming punishment.  He opened up the door and walked down the back stairs towards the shed.

Miranda gave a big sigh, finding the whole scenario quite infuriating partly because of the inconvenience it was causing, but also because she was looking forward to some playtime tonight that now would not happen.  She finished mixing a drink for herself and sipped it slowly, giving her husband time to follow her instructions and to increase his anxiety over what was to come.

She finished her drink and walked out the backdoor, closing it behind her.  She typically liked to take her time when disciplining her husband, but tonight she knew the longer the punishment, the later Paul would get home.  This punishment would need to be quick, to the point, and very painful.  She knew just the implement and position she wanted.

She walked through the door of the shed and found her husband in the corner as directed.  She slid the door closed behind her.  She opened the curtain to another part of the shed revealing a face cradle spanking bench, a whipping post, and a pillory set.  She also had her various punishment implements hanging on the wall or placed on the shelving unit Paul built for her.  

She walked over to the wall and selected The Enforcer, her favorite heavy leather paddle. The leather was stitched around a metal shank and would allow her to produce the desired pain, pleading and bruising in a short amount of time. She set the paddle down on a table next to the spanking bench so her husband would see it first thing.

“Come over here,” she commanded authoritatively to her husband.

“Yes, Miss,” he replied meekly as he walked over to her.

She put several fingers under the elastic waistband of his underwear and pulled them down to his ankles. “Now, why are you being punished, young man?” she asked as she folded her arms.

Her husband shuddered slightly at having his bottom bared, “I’m being punished, Miss, for forgetting to pick up your documents and for talking back,” he responded quietly with his eyes and head down.

She tapped her hand on the table next to the spanking bench so her husband would see The Enforcer.  He let out a small gasp which was the desired effect.  She patted one of the knee breaks indicating for her husband to kneel on the pads and bend over the bench to be secured.  He stepped out of his underwear and she gave him a few stinging swats with her hand to hasten his movement. He knelt with his knees on the breaks and leaned forward with his chest and forearms on the pads.  

Miranda loved her spanking bench. She designed and had it custom made by a kinky friend who was a master woodworking craftsman.  Knowing her husband’s propensity to squirm, she added quick release buckles for his legs, back and arms to make sure he stayed firmly in place during his discipline.  She could also adjust the knee breaks to open his legs nicely to insert a butt plug or to flick a few licks from the cane or riding crop off his balls.

Once her husband was in position, she began to slowly fasten each buckle securing him tightly to the bench.  She could feel his anxiety increasing as each buckle was cinched. “You’re about to receive a hard paddling, young man. Trust me, I would have preferred to give you a nice reward tonight, but instead you’re going to get a punishment spanking.”

“I’m so sorry, Miss.  I understand I need to be corrected for being thoughtless and impertinent,” her husband said in a shaky voice.

He was resigned to being punished and knew it would be a painful drive back into the city.  She finished securing his arms, legs and back then picked up The Enforcer from the side table.  She moved behind him and gave two light taps of the paddle on each cheek so he would know she was ready.  He gripped the arm pads tightly bracing himself.  She drew her arm back and gave him ten hard spanks in rapid succession on the fullest part of his bottom, which started to redden immediately.

She waited a brief moment allowing her husband to squirm, anxiously anticipating the next series of stinging spanks as he let out a small whimper. She began to rhythmically cover his bottom, thighs and sit spot with sharp paddle strokes and watched as a purple hue started to show.  Her husband strained against the restraints trying unsuccessfully to reposition himself to diminish the impact of the swats that were building in speed and intensity.  She put her hand on his low back to steady him and began to flick her wrist at the end of each slap to produce a sting he felt intensely.

His whimpers turned to cries of pain, his ass on fire with each successive, unrelenting paddle stroke. “Please, Miss, I’ve learned my lesson…I’m so sorry for being selfish and thoughtless,” he pleaded with her through tears.  With his pleas she further increased the intensity and focused solely on his sit spot knowing he would feel this most acutely during his drive.  His bottom was quite purple at this point and she knew he was getting close to surrendering to his punishment completely. 

She continued with rapid, hard spanks until she could see he was no longer gripping the hand pads and his head was resting in the cradle, his body going limp.  He was sobbing quietly and he was no longer attempting to plead with her for the punishment to end. She continued with the hard swats on his sit spot and thighs, but paddled him more slowly. “I’m glad to hear you’ve learned your lesson, young man!” she scolded punctuating the “young man” with two intense tattoos on his bruised behind.

He could only nod his head through his sobs and she could feel he was truly repentant for his behavior.  “Next time, when I ask you to take action on an important case for me, you’re going to remember to do it, aren’t you?” she questioned while continuing the slow, but intense paddle strokes.

“Yes, Miss,” he sobbed shakily.

“You’re also going to think twice before backtalking me, isn’t that right?” she admonished with two more hard licks.

“Yes, Miss,” he eked out through his tears.

She gave him four light taps on his full bottom, then set The Enforcer down on the side table.  She began to rub his back lightly with one hand as she smoothed the hair on his head with the other indicating the punishment was over.  He began to breathe more slowly and to get his crying under control.  “You took your punishment well.  I’m proud of you,” she said soothingly.

She started to loosen the buckles on his legs, back and arms revealing red marks where he had strained against the leather. She helped him lift his upper body so he was just kneeling on the breaks, then held his arm firmly as he stepped onto the floor.  He held onto her shoulders as she assisted him with stepping into his underwear, then she pulled them up. She kept a soft robe hanging on the wall which she held up as he slid his arms into the sleeves, then she wrapped him up and closed the robe with the outer robe tie.

“Now, I want you to gather your clothes, go upstairs and bring down the black Snug Plug and the lube, and meet me back in the office,” she instructed calmly.

“The b-black one, Miss?” Paul stammered, swallowing nervously knowing this was the largest plug in their collection.

“You heard me properly,” she replied.

He stared at her a moment, discombobulated from the intense spanking he had just received, then walked gingerly over to the chair to gather up his clothes and to head back to the house.  As he walked out the door of the shed, Miranda cleaned and disinfected the spanking chair and The Enforcer.  She then hung the paddle back in its rightful place on the wall, closed the curtain and walked out of the shed, sliding the door closed behind her.

When she arrived back in the kitchen, she poured a glass of water for her husband and a glass of wine for herself.  She walked back to the office and sat down on her office chair to wait for Paul. When he walked through the office door, he had changed into some loose sweatpants and a t-shirt.  He was holding the requested items.  “Set those down here on the desk,” she directed, pointing to the corner of the desk.

He was limping slightly as he moved next to the desk, setting the items down.  She loosened the drawstring on his sweatpants and pulled them and his underwear down to his knees.  She then helped him over her lap. “As promised, your punishment also includes having the Snug Plug in your bottom for your trip back to the city.  You are not to remove it.  Do you understand me?” she inquired.

“Yes, Miss,” Paul replied quietly.

His bottom would be bruised for some time. She applied lube liberally to the butt plug and had to apply some pressure to insert it fully.  Her husband had received the butt plug many times and knew to relax while she inserted it; he definitely did not want a swat of encouragement to loosen up at this point.  

Once properly plugged, she helped him stand up and let him pull up his underwear and sweatpants.  She handed him the glass of water which he drank down quickly, then they walked to the front door together.  “Text me when you’re on your way home,” she said, then gave him a goodbye kiss. 

He walked slowly out the front door to the car.  She watched him drive off, then returned to the office to refocus on her case.  Although she had a lot of work left to do, she decided to check her personal email.  She had received an email from her play partner.  She grinned slightly as she clicked on the email to see what her naughty friend had in store for her.


Smiles and Spanks,