Anton Part 3, Various Implements

“Kenneth took a deep breath. As he did so, he raised the cane into the air. It’s tip quivered during the short pause before the implement was sent on its collision course with the nervously waiting female bottom. Thwack! The first swipe of the rattan brought a gasp from the bent over girl. Kenneth watched as the stick rebounded, printing a record of its very brief, but very painful visit. The headmaster had held the cane so that it would naturally rebound from Sally’s bottom cheeks. Later into the caning his grip would tighten and the cane would embed a little into the flesh, rather than springing away…” – Excerpt from “What’s in a Name?,” Janus 150

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Anton Part 2, Witnessed Scenes

“Their caning over, they were told to stay bent over the table. The other girls were filed out of the room, the line being diverted so they walked past the stage and all twenty-seven of them got a really close look at the angry red lines and raised skin of the three snivelling victims. They were clearly being made an example to everyone for the rest of the term…” – Excerpt from “Reality Bites,” Janus 154

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Georges Topfer, ‘Le Fouet Conjugal’ Spanking Illustrations

Georges Topfer was a French spanking artist from the late 1910s to the mid-1930s. Topfer often used the pseudonyms Gaston Smit, G. Smit, GTS and James Barclay. Below are his illustrations from the 1930 novel Le Fouet Conjugal (The Conjugal Whip) by Aimé Van Rod.

Le Fouet Conjugal was first published in 1908 with illustrations by M. del Giglio.

“The whip didn’t stop whistling, doing it’s terrible job. Leonie lamented, cried madly, mingled her cries with sighs, vast sobs, snatches of sentences cut by her howls of pain. But the husband remained implacable. Neither the protests of devotion, of submission, nor the appellations of tenderness, nor the apologies for the insulting words uttered in a moment of bewilderment, nothing could soften him to the point of making him renounce the present task, to which he decidedly took a liking to.”  – Excerpt from Le Fouet Conjugal

“He felt the pleasure of a lover and an artist to watch the nervous comings and goings of those desperately shaking legs, and the wriggling of that big butt, shivering under the silk, responding to each attack of the whip by some graceful contortion, touching and comical at the same time. All this aroused in him a passion of enthusiasm. He would not have given up his place for all the treasures of the Banque de France.”  – Excerpt from Le Fouet Conjugal

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M. del Giglio, ‘Le Fouet Conjugal’ Spanking Illustrations

Little is known about M. del Giglio, except that he created art for various spanking novels in the early 1900s. Below are his illustrations from the 1908 novel Le Fouet Conjugal (The Conjugal Whip) by Aimé Van Rod.

Le Fouet Conjugal was republished in 1930 with illustrations by Georges Topfer.

“Even for the period, the style is antique, observing mid-Victorian conventions both artistic and erotic, and making use of environments and costumes consonant with that period. (This may be no more than a reflection of the likely tastes of the original clientele.)” – The Art of Discipline: A Pictorial History of the Smacked Bottom

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Paula Meadows Originals

I was looking through some of Lynn Paula Russell aka Paula Meadows originals the other day and found a few spanking related ones for sale. I have provided links below in case anyone out there wants one!

Lynn Paula Russell, Moongirl

Lynn Paula Russell, Woodland Birching

Lynn Paula Russell, THE SEXCITEMENT SERIES, Original Drawings

Lynn Paula Russell, FESSÉ MAGAZINE, Picnic Al Fresco

Hardcastle Part 14, Outro

I hope everyone has enjoyed this series of Hardcastle posts! I saved my favorite illustrations for last. ;-)

“What has made this gifted draughtsman so potent a visual force over the years? Any story with a Hardcastle illustration, to heighten its dramatic point and bring the narrative to compelling life, is invariably enhanced. Yet, it is the artist’s mastery eye for detail, anatomy, form and character that elevates him to the greats among artists in the CP genre.” – Excerpt from The Janus Collection: The Hardcastle Selection

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Hardcastle Part 13, Aftermath

“One manicured, sculptured hand slowly made its way to her glowing bottom. Rachel could hardly bear to touch the scorching flesh. She had never realized that the back of a hairbrush could hurt so much…Suddenly, Rachel felt a hand running caressingly over her still smarting derriere. He sat on the edge of the bed and his stroking hand began to apply soothing cold cream to her twin hummocks…” – Excerpt from “Aftermath,” Janus 90

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Hardcastle Part 12, Witnessed Scenes

“The watching women looked on approvingly, their faces flushed…it was hard on the girl, perhaps, but she would be a better nurse for it, and the time would come when she would look back on the experience with gratitude, and perhaps even with a strange kind of pleasure.” – Excerpt from “Naughty Nurse,” Janus 101

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Hardcastle Part 11, Riding Crop, Flogger & Whip

“The pictorial depiction of convincing CP ‘action’ is notoriously difficult to achieve, yet every Hardcastle illustration is natural, fresh, original and real; drawing us into the action rather than, as with lesser illustrators, leaving us on the outskirts; unconvinced and uninvolved.” – Excerpt from The Janus Collection: The Hardcastle Selection

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Hardcastle Part 10, Moment of Impact

Trembling visibly, Sophie prepared herself. Her knuckles were white as she gripped the lower bar. The tight navy pants were stretched over the wide, round globes so that her burgeoning buttocks looked like some exotic ripe fruits trying to burst their skins. The first stroke landed with a vicious swish, bringing forth an animal wail from its subject. She jerked spasmodically, causing the second stroke to catch her naked thigh. Scarlet streaks criss-crossed one another maniacally. Sophie’s gyrations made her soft thigh and buttock flesh ripple.” – Excerpt from “Prefects’ Pleasure,” Janus 53

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Hardcastle Part 9, Slipper, Belt & Strap

“She was now in a familiar position, staring at the maroon carpet. Her jeans lay on the top of Boris’ enormous desk and her knickers – an untidy scrap of white – were on the chair in front of it. It was the black strap again…” – Excerpt from “Boris in Wonderland,” Janus 57

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Hardcastle Part 8, Outdoor Scenes

“The sunlight clearing, the aromatic scent of pines – and the bare-bottomed girl over my lap. My hand, as in some paradisiacal dream, beginning to rise and fall on to the resilient silky flesh of the ripe globes of her bottom. It was the first time I had ever spanked a girl…” – Excerpt from “In a Distant Country,” Janus 49

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Hardcastle Part 6, Multiple Spankees

“Nelly and I came to learn that Mr. Brisson actually is capable of dealing with naughty girls in the way such girls deserve. I don’t think anyone could imagine my feelings while I was sitting there on that hard chair, nervous and miserable. Wailings, squealing sounds and cries came from her mouth. It was Mr. Brisson’s flat palm which caused her to make all that heart-thumping noise.” – Excerpt from “The Rumour,” Janus 52

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