JPC Illustrations Part 3, Before the Spanking

JPC Illustrations Part 3, Before the Spanking.

Sometimes the moments before a spanking are in appreciation of the spankee, to simply examine the spankee or to get the spankee in the proper position.

At times the assistance of a friend is needed.

Pants and panties will most certainly come down.

Sometimes a lecture is necessary.

There might also be a command to follow the spanker, wait in the corner, stay in position, go to spankee’s room or to fetch an implement. The last image is my absolute favorite. Knock, knock…

Smiles and Spanks,

Roger Benson Spanking Illustrations

Spanking Illustrations by Roger Benson. Starting with straps…

Then the hair brush…

Just some bottoms…

Continuing with the ruler…

And ending with the cane.

I am 99% sure that these were all done by Roger Benson. It is a bit hard to know with complete certainty as they are not signed. If anyone catches an error then please do let me know. Thank you! ;)

Smiles and Spanks,

Birdfish, Spanko Illustrator

I recently came across Birdfish and absolutely loved her spanking illustrations. With permission I have highlighted some of her artwork below. Birdfish also does custom orders, reach out to her on Twitter for more information. You can support her as an artist on Ko-fi. Enjoy. ;)

Smiles and Spanks,