Louis Malteste, “Brassée de Faits” Spanking Illustrations

Louis Malteste was a French author, lithographer, designer and illustrator in the early 20th century. Malteste also used the pseudonym Ignotus, and under the pen name Jacques d’Icy, he wrote spanking novels. Below are his illustrations from the 1926 novel Brassée de Faits (Loads of Facts) by Jacques d’Icy.

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Carlo, “Sévérités Perverses” Spanking Illustrations

Carlo was a French artist and illustrator of many spanking and BDSM novels in the 1930s. Below are his illustrations from the 1934 novel Sévérités Perverses (Perverse Severities) by Juana Lapaz.

Some of these might not be everyone’s cup of tea as they are definitely outside of the “normal” spanko purist box, but I like the collection as a whole and would prefer not exclude any illustrations.

Sévérités Perverses is for sale here.

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Louis Malteste, “Les Mains Chéries” Spanking Illustrations

Louis Malteste was a French author, lithographer, designer and illustrator in the early 20th century. Malteste also used the pseudonym Ignotus, and under the pen name Jacques d’Icy, he wrote spanking novels. Below are his illustrations from the 1939 novel Les Mains Chéries (The Darling Hands) by Jacques d’Icy.

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Anonymous, “Brins de Verges,” “Au Rouge Vif” and “Le Cinglant Argument” Spanking Illustrations

Anonymous spanking illustrations from a trilogy by an anonymous author. The novels include Brins de Verges (first series) Au Rouge Vif (second series) and Le Cinglant Argument (third series).

Below are the illustrations from the 1908 first series, Brins de Verges (Strands of Rods).

Below are the illustrations from the 1909 second series, Au Rouge Vif (Bright Red).

Below are the illustrations from the 1909 third series, Le Cinglant Argument (The Scathing Argument).

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Georges Topfer, “Récits Piquants, Chaudes Aventures” Spanking Illustrations

Georges Topfer was a French spanking artist from the late 1910s to the mid-1930s. Topfer often used the pseudonyms Gaston Smit, G. Smit, GTS and James Barclay. Below are his illustrations from the 1920 novel Récits Piquants, Chaudes Aventures (Spicy Tales, Hot Adventures) by Gilbert Natès.

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Roger Benson, “Delinquent Damsels In Distress” Chapter 7: Epilogue

Delinquent Damsels In Distress by Roger Benson, 1961

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Chapter 7: Epilogue

In 2004, Learned Judge Roderick Pimm-Lansing passed on at the advanced age of 93. In the course of estate settlement matters, two letters came to light which have a direct bearing on the Lorna Jane Welworthy matter.

As we know, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were released from the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls in late August 1961 and went on to their second year of studies at The Maydith College for Girls.

In accordance with the terms of her release from Greystone, both Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann had monthly meetings with a female parole officer of the Reformatory System. Lorna Jane’s office was Miss Jessica Wright, a strict but kindly woman in her mid-forties. At a meeting in the third week of October 1961, Miss Wright directed Lorna Jane to write a letter to Miss Moira Ashdowne, the imperious and attractive personal assistant to Learned Judge Pimm-Lansing. Miss Wright was very specific about what Lorna Jane was to say in the letter and worked closely with the girl to ensure that these requirements were reflected in the missive that was received by Miss Ashdowne on October 31, 1961 – The Hallowed Eve! The following are certain key excerpts from the letter.

Dear Miss Ashdowne:

My Reformatory Parole Office, Miss Jessica Wright (who is a truly wonderful person!), has instructed me to write you this letter in your capacity as Personal Assistant to His Honor, Learned Judge Pimm-Lansing.

I would like to begin by saying, most humbly and sincerely, what a great privilege it is for me to write to a person as distinguished and important as yourself.

I have had many wonderful privileges in my life. My daddy is a successful and respected member of the community. My mother is a wonderful person and I greatly admire and respect the strict but loving care she has always given me. Also, my teachers at The Maydith College for Girls have been just wonderful too!

Despite these advantages, I foolishly went out on dates with that naughty, juvenile delinquent-inclined boy Archie Jackson who did that awful thing with his friend Kenny at the Pleasant Corners Gas Station. I humbly and sincerely realize how naughty I was too because I inflamed Archie, just like His Honor Learned Judge Pimm-Lansing said, with my curvaceous body, lipstick, sheer nylon stockings and high, spike-heeled pumps.

I also most humbly and sincerely realize that I fully deserved to be sentenced to the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls and undergo all the many and varied punishments I received at that institution. Golly, Miss Ashdowne, it makes me just tremble even to think about those punishments but I know they were for my own good and now I think all the time about how I can be a good girl!

I know that I will make mistakes, even though I’m trying ever so hard not to do so, but that when I do I should be strictly punished and I am most humbly and sincerely grateful to my mother for her Domestic Discipline Program (that’s what my mother calls it) and everything she is doing to strengthen my sincere resolve to be the bestest girl ever!

My mother required me to tell her in complete detail – which I tearfully did – about all my punishments at the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls so she could see if any of them might be used in her Domestic Discipline Program.

Mother’s Domestic Discipline Program got underway just as soon as I arrived home from the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls. In front of two of her closest Bridge Club friends, she gave me an awful hard, long hairbrush spanking on my girlishly plump bare bottom and the backs of my thighs where they were bare above my stocking tops. Then I had to stand, sobbing as if my heart would break, holding my skirt up to demonstrate mother’s hairbrush handiwork while she and the ladies had a nice cup of tea.

Illustration by Roger Benson.

After the ladies had left, mother took a rubber bulb syringe that had been sitting on the kitchen counter and marched me up to her private bathroom where she did something to me that hasn’t happened to me since I was six years old! It was so humiliating that I almost died!! But I knew that’s what happens to naughty girls, even if they’re big nineteen-year-olds in nylons and spike heels, and you can be sure that what happened just strengthened my resolve to be the goodest girl ever!

I am so thankful to His Honor, Learned Judge Pimm-Lansing, for teaching me the good lesson I needed before it was too late and it would be the greatest honor of my young life to most humbly and sincerely demonstrate that thanks to so great a man!

Yours with total, respectful humility and sincerity, Lorna Jane Welworthy, Age 19

Her heart lightened by the effort of unburdening herself in this most abject and contrite way, Lorna Jane was sure that her final debt had been paid. But she was wrong!

Moira Ashdowne’s Reply

Mere days after Lorna Jane sent off her missive, a reply arrived from the good judge’s personal assistant.

Dear Lorna Jane:

I am in receipt of your letter of October 29, 1961 and have shewn same to His Honor, Learned Judge Pimm-Lansing.

His Honor has most generously decided to interview you in his Privy Chambers on the evening of November 7, 1961. You shall report to my office in The Courtroom at precisely 7:30 P.M. on the said evening.

During the proceedings, at which I shall be present, you shall speak only when spoken to and respond to all directions given to you with immediate, total humility and unquestioning obedience. As you know, His Honor may revoke your parole at any time he so decides and you shall be returned forthwith to the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls.

For this interview you shall wear a very tight, short sleeved pink wool sweater and a very tight light grey wool skirt ending 2 inches below your knees and with a five-inch single kick pleat at the back. In addition to your Official Reformatory Issue bra and panties, you shall wear a plain, off-white elastic garter belt, sheer, charcoal-hued Teen Queen “Midnight Madness” nylon stockings, and glossy black patent leather pumps with four and one quarter inch spike heels. You will also wear your hair in a ponytail with an oversize red ribbon.

It is likely that His Honor will require you to remove your sweater and skirt to verify that you are in full compliance with his stipulated parole conditions.

If His Honor is dissatisfied with any aspect of the interview, it is likely that he will direct me to prepare your buttocks for corporal punishment which I shall administer in His Presence.

It is also possible that His Honor will require you to kneel before him and demonstrate your extended and humble respect for the Ultimate Symbol of Judicial Authority.

Other events may also occur as per the pleasure and direction of His Honor.

Until the evening of November 7, I remain, Moira Ashdowne (Miss), Personal Assistant to Learned Judge Roderick Pimm-Lansing

Regrettably, we do not have detailed documentation on what transpired on the evening of November 7, 1961.

We do know, however, that Lorna Jane was not sent back to the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls so we can reasonably surmise that the girl’s “performance” met with adequate approval from His Honor, Learned Judge Pimm-Lansing, and his imperiously attractive Personal Assistant, Miss Moira Ashdowne.

We can also make certain important inferences from Miss Ashdowne’s letter to Lorna Jane about what likely transpired in His Honor’s Privy Chambers.

Historical records confirm for us that the evening of November 7, 1961 was pleasantly mild. However, we are quite sure that luscious Lorna Jane would wear a light raincoat to her appointment given the extraordinarily tight sweater and skirt she was required to wear. For example, the outline of the girl’s bra under her sweater would be plainly visible as would her panty line, not to mention her garter belt straps and the raised tabs and clips that so lovingly and tautly suspendered her sheer, charcoal-hued nylon hosiery!

And, of course, the tightness of the skirt ending two inches below her rounded knees combined with her four-inch spike heels would compel her to take mincing little steps that would accentuate every swaying jiggle of her succulent body – most especially her girlishly plump buttocks and ripely rounded breasts! Lorna Jane’s facial cheeks would be blushing warmly with her sweater so tight she could hardly breathe!

The Interminable Interview

In his Honor’s Privy Chambers, Lorna Jane – divested of her light raincoat – would stand before the great man’s imposing desk, hands at her side, head bowed in abject humility. His Honor would ask the hapless girl pointed questions about her experiences at the Greystone Reformatory and what she thought she had learned from the said experiences. Miss Ashdowne would hover in the background, an 18-inch, pliant wooden ruler in her capable right hand. His Honor’s Predatory Personal Assistant would periodically administer a noisy, stinging smack to Lorna Jane’s oh-so-tightly skirted and plumply projecting rump in order to “encourage” the stammering girl. The sweet tears that come with smacking and humiliation dripped from lovely Lorna Jane’s quivering chin!

His Honor would, of course, have many questions and this part of Lorna Jane’s time in the Privy Chamber would take at least an hour.

Lorna Jane stifled a tearful gasp as His Honor directed: “Now, young lady, remove that pretty sweater and skirt so I may verify that you are in proper compliance with my parole conditions!”

Given the tightness of Lorna Jane’s sweater and skirt, their removal was a protracted and difficult process involving much squirming and gasping by Lorna Jane while His Honor and Miss Ashdowne watched with avid interest.

After her skirt and sweater had been neatly folded on a chair, Lorna Jane was required to place the very heavy volume – Pennyworth’s Advanced Judicial Principles – atop her lovely head and press it down with both perspiring palms. The tearful, crimson-faced girl was then required to parade around in a wide, mincing circle, wearing only her black and white striped reformatory-issue bra and panties, off-white elastic garter belt, tautly suspendered, charcoal-hued sheer nylon stockings and glossy black patent leather spike-heeled pumps.

While His Honor’s eyes were glued to Lorna Jane’s every move, Miss Ashdowne – occasionally punctuating her comments with a noisy, stinging ruler smack – addressed various comments to Lorna Jane, such as: “Keep those shapely legs of yours tightly pressed together, young lady! I want to hear your stockings rasp with every step! One foot directly in front of the other, miss, as if you were walking a chalk line! I want to see that big rear end of yours wiggle the way it did for Archie Jackson!”

Lorna Jane would be warned by Miss Ashdowne – in coldly authoritative terms – that her “Parade Performance” would be evaluated and that a failing grade would mean that she would have ample time for further practice – at The Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls! In light of such circumstances, we can be sure that luscious Lorna Jane would really put her heart (and her bottom!) into her Parole Parade Performance!

As it happens, Lorna Jane’s skimpy Official Reformatory Issue black and white striped panties had ridden up, wedging distressingly into her deep gluteal crevice and baring a significant and succulent portion of her lower bottom cheeks. We can well imagine how that girlishly plump flesh quivered, jiggled, and swayed with each tiny, spike-heeled step – presenting an irresistible target for Miss Ashdowne’s pliant, stinging ruler which elicited the most delicious squeals from the haplessly wiggling Lorna Jane.

Lorna Jane’s spike heels clicked noisily on the hardwood floors of His Honor’s Privy Chamber. Indeed, the situation was reminiscent of a metronome for the girl’s brunette ponytail swung back and forth in perfect time with her shifting buttocks. Happily for Lorna Jane, her performance was accorded a passing grade. The girl was then ordered by Miss Ashdowne to remove her bra and panties and go over the imperious woman’s knee for even more ruler smacking!

Toward the end of the evening, a well-spanked, tearful and totally humiliated Lorna Jane would grovel on her knees before His Honor (wearing only her garter belt, hose and heels) and spend a good half hour showing her humble respect and abject adoration for the ultimate symbol of His Honor’s Judicial Authority – something the girl had never done before, not even during her naughtiest moments with the well-equipped and randy Archie Jackson! Needless to say, Lorna Jane had been strictly warned that failure to swallow the copious consequences of her amateurish but effective efforts would constitute “contempt of court,” the punishment for which would be immediate return to the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls.

Fortunately for Lorna Jane, Miss Ashdowne was very helpful as the girl knelt before His Honor, wrists tied behind her back with a red ribbon matching the one securing her ponytail. The older woman maintained a running commentary on exactly what the scarlet-faced, tearful girl was to do, directions lovely Lorna Jane followed with a servile alacrity that was a delight to witness. Miss Ashdowne also demonstrated her fundamental compassion and deep understanding by holding Lorna Jane’s lovely head in place at the crucial moment, encouraging the delectable teener’s gulping efforts to avoid committing contempt of court!

The Walk Back to Maydith

It was well after midnight before Lorna Jane was permitted to leave His Honor’s Privy Chambers and walk back to her dormitory room at Maydith College. In a smallish, quiet community like Pleasant Corners, the buses had stopped running some time earlier. Happily for Lorna Jane, Miss Ashdowne had kindly contacted the Dean of Girls at Maydith and advised her that His Honor’s “Judicial Review” of Lorna Jane’s progress would take some little while and the girl would return after the Official Curfew – a corporal punishment offence at Maydith!

As Lorna Jane walked back to Maydith’s campus – her ultra-tight skirt enforcing mincing little steps – her well-spanked, girlishly plump bottom burned and throbbed distressingly inside her tight and skimpy Official Reformatory Issue Panties. Indeed, the girl had been spanked to her stocking tops! Every clicking, spike-heeled step caused a painful pulsing sensation in her succulent buttocks!

Lorna Jane blinked back a tear. It was tear of joy. She had not been returned to the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls! In fact, both His Honor and Miss Ashdowne expressed their view that Lorna Jane had acquired the most desirable traits of total humility and unquestioning obedience, the sound foundations for the vitally important reformation she had undergone. This was thanks to the great wisdom of His Honor’s Reformatory Sentence and the strict but totally appropriate disciplinary devices and procedures employed by the skilled and thoroughly professional staff of the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls.

Lorna Jane also realized how fortunate she was to have been caught and punished when she was. An icy shiver convulsed her shapely spine as she reflected on what would have happened to her if Archie had pushed poor old Mr. McCord, causing the much-loved older gentleman to stumble, fall, and fracture his bald pate on an Arborite countertop in the gas station office and thereby perish. A stalwart opponent of the scourge of juvenile delinquency like His Honor would have most surely judged her a full accomplice and not hesitated to sentence her to The Supreme Penalty!

Back in her dormitory room, Lorna Jane quickly got into bed – wearing only the top of her baby doll pj’s and lying on her tummy! The girl rapidly fell into a deep, restorative sleep.

Next morning Lorna Jane awoke and had a nice hot shower in her private bathroom and, her ablutions complete, put on a black elastic garter belt, a fresh pair of sheer, charcoal-hued nylon stockings and the glossy black spike-heeled pumps she had worn the evening before. (With no classes that day, she was planning a shopping trip downtown.) Then, looking back over her shoulder, she carefully inspected her girlishly plump bottom in her full-length mirror. It had been restored to its pale perfection. Miss Ashdowne’s ruler smacks had been crisp and stinging but not harsh and cruel! Suddenly, Lorna Jane’s telephone rang sonorously.

Rushing to pick it up, she was surprised to find that it was Miss Wright. Of course, her parole officer would have known that Lorna Jane had passed her “judicial review” and was surely happy for the girl – as well as for herself! Her authority as a Reformatory System Parole Officer gave her the right to put lovely Lorna Jane over her knee and give the succulent teener a good bare bottom smacking if she felt it was called for! But being a good-hearted woman, she was reluctant to spank any of her wards unless it was truly necessary, and she was relieved to know that it was not called for in Lorna Jane’s case.

Illustration by Roger Benson.

Nonetheless, she commanded the girl to give a detailed description of her evening. Stammering prettily and blushing hotly, Lorna Jane recounted the things she had been required to do in His Honor’s Privy Chambers. When the girl got to the part about showing her extended and adoring respect for The Ultimate Symbol of His Honor’s Judicial Authority, Lorna Jane began to squirm and smirk and the naughty fingers of her left hand began to move toward a very special spot – it is exactly this point in time that is captured in the illustration! We suspect that lovely Lorna Jane was thinking – with the innocent perversity teener misses of that era were capable of – of the thrilling power and authority of Learned Judge Pimm-Lansing, not to mention the beautifully imperious Miss Moira Ashdowne!

It is most morally uplifting, dear reader, to record that Lorna Jane felt a deep sense of gratitude that she had been able to demonstrate to His Honor and His Honor’s Personal Assistant her total humility, unquestioning obedience, and the total sincerity of her reformation! Even the final ritual of licking Miss Ashdowne’s glossy black, patent leather, spike-heeled pumps had been experienced as a privilege by lovely Lorna Jane.

Indeed, we may conclude that Lorna Jane now had a rosy future and – when necessary – would have a rosy bottom to ensure that future!


(But not the end for luscious Lorna Jane’s lovely end, or Kathy Ann’s exquisite end either! Her “Judicial Review” would occur in two week’s time!)

About The Author 

Focusing primarily on the 1950s and very early 1960s, Roger Benson writes and illustrates extensively on spanking and related themes during that golden era. From a judicial family background, Mr. Benson has an informed and intimate understanding of the Reformatory System in that bygone time and how, in particular, it was used in connection with naughty teener girls! His morally uplifting tale of luscious Lorna Jane and curvaceous Kathy Ann’s girlishly plump tails is a classic sure to be appreciated by connoisseurs of the genre! 

Illustration by Roger Benson.

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Roger Benson, “Delinquent Damsels In Distress” Chapter 6: A Warm Welcome Home

Delinquent Damsels In Distress by Roger Benson, 1961

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Chapter 6: A Warm Welcome Home

As we know from past chapters, Learned Judge Roderick Pimm-Lansing had decided that Lorna Jane Welworthy and Kathy Ann Goodchild would be released from the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls after a little over two months of confinement and strict discipline. This was so the girls would be able to return to Maydith College and begin their second year of study in September 1961. The Learned Judge, a highly intelligent gentleman, wanted to teach the girls a good lesson – not ruin their lives.

During their time at Greystone, the girls were never informed about the precise length of their sentence. Understandably, it was a nail-biting time for luscious Lorna Jane and curvaceous Kathy Ann! One can imagine how overjoyed the girls were when, during the last week of August, they were informed that they would be released at the end of the month.

On the day of their release, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann once again stood before Superintendent Baines’ imposing desk for a final discussion. Hands at their side and heads bowed, a few sweet tears streaked down the girls’ cheeks as they thanked Superintendent Baines for their moral reformation and earnestly promised to be “the goodest girls that ever were”! Superintendent Baines smiled pleasantly and said, “I believe you girls have learned your lesson and thank heavens you learned it when you did. If you had carried on much longer with those juvenile delinquent inclined youth it could have been worse. Much, much worse. Now I shall explain to you the parole conditions of your release.”

Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann soon learned that they would be on parole for one year, which meant monthly interviews with a female parole officer from the Reformatory System. In addition, both Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were given seven sets of the back and white striped panties and bras they had worn as part of their Greystone Uniform and were informed that they would wear these without exception for the next year. Spot checks would be conducted, and any failure to comply with the parole condition would result in immediate return to Greystone!

Reformatory Release

Later that afternoon, Mrs. Welworthy and Mrs. Goodchild arrived at Greystone to collect their errant (but now reformed!) daughters. Both ladies took tea with Superintendent Ella Baines who expressed her view that the girls had learned a good and very necessary lesson and that with continued diligence in the domestic discipline department, the future was bright. The esteemed Superintendent also explained the conditions of the girls’ parole. For their part, both Mrs. Welworthy and Mrs. Goodchild expressed their fulsome thanks to Superintendent Baines for all she and her dedicated staff had done.

The two ladies were then permitted to meet with their daughters in a private room. After warm hugs and kisses – and not a few tears of joy from teener misses Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann – the girls were given the clothes their mothers had brought along for them. In Lorna Jane’s case, she exchanged her reformatory attire for a pretty blue and white checked dress, a new bra, panty and garter belt set from The Sweet Sixteen Shoppe, sheer tan-hued nylon stockings, glossy white spike-heeled pumps, and little white gloves. Kathy Ann’s outfit was the same except that her dress was a pink and white check that was both youthful and appealing.

Since their original reformatory haircuts, the girls’ lovely tresses had been spared with the result that their hair was getting back to normal length. This, in combination with their attractive but young ladylike attire, created a most attractive picture.

As the Reformatory gates closed behind them, both girls shuddered prettily, fervently hoping they would never again have to return to the dreaded institution or experience such horrors as the cold water pressure hose or the Official Reformatory Punishment Strap, not to mention the frequent experience of being restrained with handcuffs and ankle manacles and even being gagged!

Kathy Ann was driven off in her mother’s forest green Chrysler while Lorna Jane got into her mother’s dark blue Buick. Mrs. Welworthy turned to her daughter and, with a distinctly cool smile, said: “Just wait until I get you home, young lady!”

A ‘Warm’ Homecoming

During the rather lengthy drive home, Lorna Jane squirmed prettily and kept her head bowed in abject contrition as her mother explained in detail the new disciplinary regime the girl would live by. Although Mrs. Welworthy had always been a strict but loving mother to Lorna Jane, the new arrangements were going to be even more strict, including such features as curfews, a special “little girl style” punishment dress – to be worn with nylons and spike heels to enhance the “big little girl” effect – and the creation of a “Punishment Book” that Lorna Jane would have to carry at all times and in which her mother would make appropriate entries!

The dark blue Buick pulled into the drive of the large and attractive suburban residence that was home to the Welworthy’s. Lorna Jane shivered as she noted two other automobiles parked in front of the house. She recognized them as belonging to Mrs. Edith Sloane and Mrs. Florence Creighton, two of her mother’s closest Bridge Club friends. The two ladies greeted Lorna Jane in a pleasant but reserved fashion. It was obvious they knew what was going to happen and were frankly looking forward with enthusiasm to witnessing the proceedings.

Poor Lorna Jane wasn’t even given time to take off her little white gloves. She was promptly marched into the large, brightly modern kitchen and ordered to stand in a corner, holding up her skirt – an act that displayed her tautly suspendered stocking tops, ripely rounded bare upper thighs and the pretty white nylon panties (trimmed with pink leg band lace) which exposed a good two fingers’ width of the succulent lower curves of her girlishly plump behind.

Illustration by Roger Benson.

Mrs. Sloane and Mrs. Creighton took up comfortable seats while Mrs. Welworthy positioned an armless dinette chair in the middle of the kitchen floor. The woman then picked up a glossy black, oval shaped wooden hairbrush – conveniently waiting on a gleaming kitchen counter – and regally seated herself. Then it was panties down and over mother’s knee for poor Lorna Jane!

The spanking was administered very slowly and strictly: 100 smacks to Lorna Jane’s delectable buttocks and bare upper thigh backs. As the hapless girl sobbed, squealed and squirmed very appealingly, Mrs. Welworthy lectured her errant daughter on the fine points of proper behavior for young ladies and the disciplinary consequences of any infractions – however slight! Needless to say, Mrs. Sloane and Mrs. Creighton observed the proceedings with glittering eyes.

When the spanking was finally over – and there were times when poor Lorna Jane thought it never would be! – the girl was required to stand facing the sparkling white refrigerator, holding her skirt up in back with her hands on her hips. Her pretty panties from the Sweet Sixteen Shoppe lay on the kitchen floor. The next pair of panties she put on (and indeed for an entire year) would be the brief and snug fitting black and white striped cotton reformatory panties she would wear without exception as part of the parole conditions so wisely devised by Learned Judge Roderick Pimm-Lansing!

Finally, a few whispered comments from her mother, which caused a sobbing Lorna Jane to gasp with horror, revealed that the girl would undergo further punishment (decorum forbids specific details) after the Bridge Club ladies had consumed a refreshing cup of tea and taken their leave.

Kathy Ann’s Anguish

Kathy Ann returned to her lovely home to discover that her Aunt Dorothy and her two daughters, aged 11 and 13 respectively, were visiting for a week.

A scarlet faced and tearful Kathy Ann was required to parade around in a wide circle (holding her skirt up) in the attractively appointed recreation room while the two older ladies and the two young girls observed her every move. To augment her already abundant humiliation, Kathy Ann’s mother had required the girl to put on a pair of her black and white striped reformatory panties. Needless to say, Aunt Dorothy found Kathy Ann’s “command performance” most interesting while her two daughters giggled and tittered mercilessly.

This was followed by a very traditional maternal punishment. When Kathy Ann’s strict and thorough hairbrushing finally ended, the sobbing girl was required to take two thumb tacks and pin her reformatory panties to the recreation room fireplace mantle! The panties were on public display for two full days during which the two younger girls ensured that all their other little friends in the neighborhood paid a visit to the recreation room and were treated to bemused accounts of what had happened to “Miss Red Bottom.” Not surprisingly, during this awful period Kathy Ann’s pretty face was as red as her freshly spanked bottom had been!

As we know, Maydith College, the school Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann attended, is an all-girls institution. However, periodic social events were arranged with the nearby McDwight College, an all-male college with a fine reputation for athletics and scholarship. At one of these social events, The High Heel Hop, Lorna Jane met Rod Long, a fine upstanding young man, and Kathy Ann met Lance Thicker, Rod’s equal in scholarship, sportsmanship, and sterling character. In an illustration we see the lovely Lorna Jane jiving at the High Heel Hop with Rod. We also see – thanks to her swirling skirt – that she is complying fully with her Reformatory Panty Parole!

Illustration by Roger Benson.

As their prison time concludes, dear reader, I am pleased to report that Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann fully lived up to their fervent promise “to be the goodest girls that ever were,” growing up to be productive and obedient young wives. As for Archie and Kenny, they remained incarcerated in the Irongate Reform School until 1962, receiving the strict discipline naughty, juvenile delinquent-inclined lads so richly deserve.

Finally, on a very happy note indeed, Learned Judge Roderick Pimm-Lansing used his considerable influence to create a special maintenance man job at his Courtroom, providing continued employment and social meaning for the much loved “Pop” McCord, who had been “thrown on the scrap heap” with a measly pension after the gas station robbery. Not only did the fine old gentleman enjoy his duties, he got to wear a snappy looking uniform!

As the Immortal Bard would say, “all’s well that ends well.” Superintendent Ella Baines would be the first to agree!

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Roger Benson, “Delinquent Damsels In Distress” Chapter 5: Reformatory Strappings

Delinquent Damsels In Distress by Roger Benson, 1961

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Chapter 5: Reformatory Strappings

Lorna Jane Welworthy and Kathy Ann Goodchild had now been at the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls for one month. There is no doubt that both pretty, shapely nineteen-year-olds were deeply and sincerely repentant for having consorted with juvenile delinquent-inclined boys and had fervently resolved that they would never, never, ever do such a thing again!

Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann still did not know the length of their reformatory sentence and this, unquestionably, served to increase the distress of our two delectable damsels.

After his most enjoyable visit to the Greystone Reformatory, Learned Judge Roderick Pimm-Lansing sat down at the imposing desk in his walnut paneled study and penned a letter to Miss Ella Baines, Superintendent of that esteemed institution. In it, the respected jurist expressed his thanks for the delightful tea Superintendent Baines had arranged. The Good Judge also opined that the time had come for Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann to receive the Official Punishment Strappings that were to be a part of their sentence for their misdeed, specifically: the crime of inflaming their ne’er-do-well boyfriends with their lipsticked, perfumed, nyloned and spike-heeled loveliness. As a consequence, the delinquent lads robbed the Pleasant Corners Gas Station and molested poor old Mr. “Pop” McCord.

Judge Pimm-Lansing wrote in detail with respect to the Official Punishment Strappings since it was his intention to once again journey to the Greystone Reformatory for the specific purpose of witnessing their execution on Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann’s succulent bare behinds!

In his letter, the Learned Judge went into many other details, including the fact that both girls – each in her own turn – would be properly restrained on the Official Punishment Tripod and would each receive 50 strokes with the Official Punishment Strap on their bare buttocks followed by a further ten strokes to the backs of their rounded upper thighs.

A Visit to the Office of Superintendent Baines

It was a day in late July when the early morning buzzer sounded in the cells occupied by Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann. As always, the girls jumped out of bed without delay, performed their ablutions, and carefully tidied their cells. Then they stood, in their appealing Reformatory uniforms, hands at their sides with heads bowed, awaiting the arrival of their Supervisory Matrons.

This morning, after breakfast in the small dining room in the Isolation Wing to which the girls had been consigned, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were not marched off to the classroom for lessons in “moral improvement.” Instead, their wrists were handcuffed behind their backs, their shapely, nyloned ankles manacled, and they were then marched off to the office of Superintendent Ella Baines.

Seated in silence on a hard anteroom bench between two stocky Supervisory Matrons, the girls had a substantial wait. At long last however, they found themselves standing before Superintendent Baines’ desk, their heads bowed in abject contrition. Superintendent Baines picked up a heavy, crested envelope which had already been slit open. “I have received a letter from Learned Judge Pimm-Lansing,” she intoned in a solemn voice. “It concerns you two.” Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann trembled visibly.

With slow deliberation, Superintendent Baines withdrew the content of the envelope – a letter inscribed on heavy, crested vellum paper. She reviewed it very slowly as poor Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann continued to quiver in dread anticipation.

Her reading complete, Superintendent Baines now spoke with her usual authority: “Matron Meecher. Kindly remove Prisoner 038’s handcuffs.”

Lorna Jane found her hands free but her lovely ankles still firmly manacled. Superintendent Baines handed the hapless girl the letter. “Read it aloud, dear,” the imposing woman decreed.

In a quavering voice, the girl began. By the time she had completed the first paragraph, the tears were dripping from her quivering chin as she grasped the letter’s meaning. Kathy Ann also started to cry haplessly. Stammering in a forlorn, tear choked voice, Lorna Jane somehow managed to complete her reading of the horrid communication that irrevocably condemned two pairs of succulently curvaceous and girlishly plump teenage buttocks – not to mention two pairs of ripe, ultra-sensitive upper thigh backs – to the tender mercies of the well-oiled and supple Official Reformatory Punishment Strap. How different from having those exquisite portions felt and fondled by an adoring – if delinquent – boyfriend!

The strappings were scheduled to take place in two days’ time, commencing at 9 A.M., Thursday morning. It had been decided that Lorna Jane would be first!

Needless to say, the interim period preceding execution of their sentences was deliciously distressing for both girls. Although the miscreant misses were kept busy in the “classroom” with morally improving lectures and written exercises, both Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann remained horribly and constantly aware of what was going to happen to them. Even at night, their sleep was furtive and filled with frightening nightmares. Oh, why oh why had they ever become mixed up with Archie and Kenny?

But, alas, it was much too late for that now! Society and the noble Institution of Justice requires its “pound of flesh” – and in this case that flesh would be the ripely molded, girlishly plump nether portions of lovely Lorna Jane and curvaceous Kathy Ann!

It should perhaps be recorded that during this two day period, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann’s buttocks and the backs of their thighs were exempted from all forms of corporal correction. They were, however, subjected to other pedagogical punishments, as required, including having their hands and curvaceous nyloned calves rulered, their faces slapped, writing lines, and standing in the corner.

Matron Meeker was an acknowledged expert on rulering girls’ calves and poor Lorna Jane had only very recently experienced this punishment for inattention in the classroom. Because the girl’s tight reformatory-issue skirt ended a good two inches below her rounded, nyloned knees, she was required to roll it up tightly around her waist and then hold the garment in place with her hands behind her back. She was then required to stand on a short wooden stool which conveniently presented her full but shapely calves for Matron Meecher’s expert attention. The older woman then took up the pliant wooden ruler and slowly proceeded to smack lovely Lorna Jane’s luscious, nyloned calves while lecturing the sobbing girl on the fine points of morality and discipline.

Poor Lorna Jane had been sternly warned that if she dared to lift her foot even a fraction of an inch from the stool top she would be consigned to Nurse Nora North for the most humiliating supplementary punishment imaginable! Quite understandably, Lorna Jane behaved as if her spike-heeled pumps were glued to the wooden stool top! After her calves had been thoroughly rulered, a sobbing Lorna Jane groveled on her nyloned knees before Matron Meecher, tenderly kissing each inch of the classroom ruler.

The Moment of Truth

Thursday morning came all too soon, the buzzer sounding loudly in the cells occupied by Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann. Lorna Jane remained for a minute or two under the covers of her hard, pillowless reformatory cot, her soft hands reaching back to cup her satiny-smooth, ripely curved, and girlishly plump bare buttocks. An icy shiver of dread convulsed her lovely body as she thought about her imminent strapping. Needless to say, similar thoughts and sensations afflicted dear Kathy Ann.

Lorna Jane’s cell door opened. Normally she was taken in charge by a single Supervisory Matron. This morning, in view of the forthcoming special events, there were two. In the small dining room of the Isolation Wing, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were given only a glass of juice. “You can have all you want at lunch, girls,” Matron Treadwell observed with a cold smirk, knowing only too well that lunch would be the furthest thing from the girls’ minds after their punishment strappings.

Then Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann had their wrists handcuffed behind their backs and their shapely ankles secured with manacles featuring a short connecting chain. Firmly gripped by their Supervisory Matrons the thoroughly frightened girls were then marched down a lengthy series of corridors, their spike heels clicking on the hard, polished concrete floors. The journey terminated in front of a heavy metal door, enameled pale green, its identification plate ominously identifying it as the entrance to “Punishment Room No. 17: The Strapping Chamber”!

Once inside, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were led off to separate holding areas by their Supervisory Matrons. The two trembling girls exchanged a final tearful look, so mournful the matrons could hardly refrain from laughing.

Lorna Jane sat on a hard bench, handcuffed and ankle-manacled, between her two Supervisory Matrons. She had been informed the day before, by a smirking Matron Meecher, that she would be first for the strap. “But that’s nice, isn’t it, dear?” the matron cooed. “You’ll have yours all over and done with while poor Kathy Ann has to wait and fret about what the strap will feel like when it’s her turn!”

The wait seemed interminable. At long last, a telephone rang in the holding area and one of Lorna Jane’s Supervisory Matrons stood up and answered it. Telephone hung up, she turned to Lorna Jane and crisply ordered, “On your feet, young lady!” Very unsteadily, Lorna Jane rose, not without some assistance from her other Supervisory Matron. The girl’s handcuffs and ankle-manacles were then removed and she was ordered to remove her tight sweater and skirt, panties, and garter belt. Lorna Jane’s sheer, tan-hued nylons – bereft of their off-white elastic garter belt – began to sag on the girl’s full but shapely legs.

Lorna Jane’s wrists were once again handcuffed behind her back and she was marched into the main punishment area. The girl almost fainted on seeing the Official Punishment Tripod to which she would be secured for her correction. The “Welcoming Committee” included Superintendent Ella Baines, Dr. Elaine Fenton – Greystone’s sadistic lesbian medico – and three senior matrons who would serve as official witnesses. Learned Judge Pimm-Lansing was already comfortably seated, with his shapely, attractive Personal Assistant Moira Ashdowne, in an observation room equipped with one-way glass.

Dr. Fenton listened to Lorna Jane’s heart with her stethoscope and then lingeringly fingered the girl’s lovely bare buttocks and upper thighs. “I pronounce this prisoner fully fit for punishment,” Dr. Fenton finally declared in her cold, contralto voice.

A softly crying Lorna Jane was promptly marched over to the Punishment Tripod. Her wrists were quickly handcuffed in front of her instead of behind her back and the short connecting chain between the two cuffs was then connected to a length of sturdy chain dangling from the apex of the Punishment Tripod. This chain was tightened until Lorna Jane’s arms were fully extended above her head. The girl’s ankles were then secured with strong leather straps to the two front legs of the tripod, spreading the hapless victim’s luscious gams in the most vulnerable and humiliating fashion imaginable!

Illustration by Roger Benson.

Senior Matron Bessie Stockwell had been chosen to administer Lorna Jane’s Official Punishment Strapping. A handsome and powerfully built woman, Matron Stockwell – on a signal from Superintendent Baines – picked up the well-oiled, supple, black leather punishment strap from a nearby countertop and lovingly caressed it with her fingers.

A grinning Dr. Fenton stood close to poor Lorna Jane, ready to administer smelling salts should the need arise. Matron Stockwell’s cold eyes carefully studied Lorna Jane’s quivering bare buttocks, their exquisite surfaces prickling with the gooseflesh of terror. The strap hissed through the air. It seemed to cling to Lorna Jane’s succulent curves has if reluctant to end its burning, stinging embrace. Lorna Jane gasped. She was beginning to learn the difference between a spanking administered by a strict but loving mother in the privacy of her lovely home and a full-scale, official judicial punishment in a Girls’ Reformatory.

The strap hissed again, decorating Lorna Jane’s exquisitely writhing bare buttocks with another pretty pink (and rapidly reddening!) bar. The girl emitted a poignantly long squeal of pain. Her tear-filled eyes turned toward her executioner in hapless supplication. Matron Stockwell, her expression coldly impassive, raised the strap again. By the fifteenth stroke, Lorna Jane was shrieking hysterically and between shrieks, blubbering out promises about her future behavior that attested graphically to the morally restorative power of supple, well-oiled leather!

Toward the end of the strapping, Senior Matron Stockwell would direct the instrument of correction in an upward sweep between her victim’s gluteal cheeks, ensuring that the innermost curves of Lorna Jane’s succulent behind would feel the searing sting of officially sanctioned leather! As might be expected, these applications produced the most prolonged shrieks and the victim’s hapless writhing reached a magnitude that caused the sturdy punishment tripod to creak.

A Strict Punishment is Never Forgotten

Although Lorna Jane’s Official Reformatory Strapping may seem like a strict punishment indeed, Superintendent Baines well understood that the Official Punishment Strap – in the hands of an experienced Executioner – was in fact a benevolent instrument of correction, carefully designed to produce a maximum of pain with no risk whatsoever of inflicting permanent damage on its victim. Superintendent Baines also understood that a strict punishment that is never forgotten is far kinder than overly-lenient corrections that fade from memory and result in the reemergence of naughtiness.

When her strapping was finally over – and there were times when it seemed as if it never would be – Lorna Jane was released from the tripod and, sobbing as if her heart would break, was placed face down on a metal table with wheels. Matron Trapp was ordered by Superintendent Baines to wheel Lorna Jane into an anteroom and remain there, guarding the well-punished girl. The matron obeyed at once although she privately resented the duty. She had been looking forward to Kathy Ann’s turn on the tripod.

In the anteroom, she balefully gazed at the crimson buttocks and upper thigh backs of a weeping Lorna Jane. She felt no sympathy for the girl. She could well imagine how Lorna Jane had pouted, simpered, giggled and wiggled in her criminally-inclined boyfriend’s company. She also knew that, some three weeks after the Pleasant Corners Gas Station holdup, the White Star Oil & Gas Company had retired poor old “Pop” McCord on a tiny pension and hired a younger, more muscular night attendant. Thrown on the scrap heap after 40 years of loyal service and all because swaggering young punks wanted to impress their curvy, lipsticked and spike-heeled girlfriends with Soda Shoppe treats!

Kathy Ann’s punishment was carried out by Senior Matron Agnes Bircher whose expertise with the Official Punishment Strap was in every way the equal of the talent so satisfyingly demonstrated on Lorna Jane by Senior Matron Bessie Stockwell. And, as a victim, Kathy Ann proved herself Lorna Jane’s equal in the sobbing, shrieking, pleading, and promising departments!

After their memorable strappings, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann remained at Greystone for one more month, their release having been carefully planned so they could return to college in September. Although the discipline had been strict, it did not take big, healthy girls like Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann long to recover physically.

But a permanent mental transformation had been achieved! As well as being veritable models of girlish humility and obedience, they re-doubled their efforts in the classroom – never again failing a test or allowing their attention to wander during the lengthy lectures on the sound moral precepts all good girls must follow. Superintendent Baines was so pleased with the girls’ progress she signed a special authorization which permitted Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann to have ice cream for dessert with their Sunday dinners!

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Roger Benson, “Delinquent Damsels In Distress” Chapter 4: Pedagogical Punishments

Delinquent Damsels In Distress by Roger Benson, 1961

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Chapter 4: Pedagogical Punishments

As we learned in a prior chapter, Judge Roderick Pimm-Lansing passed a rather severe judgment on Lorna Jane Welworthy and Kathy Ann Goodchild for their peripheral involvement in a 1961 holdup of the Pleasant Corners Gas Station. Though they were effectively just innocent bystanders to the nefarious doings of their juvenile delinquent boyfriends, the Learned Judge sentenced the nineteen-year-olds to be incarcerated in a special isolation wing of the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls.

It had already been decided that the girls would serve two months at Greystone – until the start of the next college year – but this fact had not be communicated to the two miscreant misses. Thus they would realize the full disciplinary value associated with the dreadful suspense of not knowing what was going to happen to them, or for what length of time!

Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were kept in separate cells. The girls’ accommodations were windowless. A loud buzzer sounded at 6:30 A.M. to awaken them. The lights were also operated from an external station. They had exactly half an hour in which to perform their ablutions, get dressed, and ensure that their cells were neat as the proverbial pins. Although their accommodation was Spartan, it was scrupulously clean and woe betide the girl who failed to pass the Supervisory Matron’s frequent inspections (of both cells and personal grooming).

The cells featured hard, narrow cots – unadorned by such pampering luxuries as pillows! As for “the facilities,” these consisted of a washbasin, toilet and a small shower cubicle which supplied an adequate – if lukewarm – cleansing spray, certainly preferable to the cold water pressure hose the girls experienced in our last chapter!

As for meals, these were taken in a small dining room – close to the girls’ cells. The girls were not permitted to engage in any conversation whatsoever and two ever-present Supervisory Matrons ensured this requirement was not breached. As for the food, it was plain but of good quality and nourishing. Superintendent Ella Baines was not interested in gratuitous cruelty. She was interested in Discipline and Reform!

Each girl had been given a copy of the Official Greystone Reformatory Rule Book on her arrival and was ordered to study it with great care and attention. A written test would take place in two weeks’ time and inadequate performance would be strictly punished. Both Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann found reading the Rule Book a frightening experience and both had to blink back frequent tears. It was incredibly detailed. It provided full specifics on all the Reformatory’s many rules and regulations and the disciplinary measures that would result from any infractions, however small!

In addition, the Rule Book contained much detail on Greystone’s luminary history which each inmate was expected to commit to memory.

As promised, in exactly two weeks’ time Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were required to write a one hour long “initial” test. The passing mark was set at 80 percent. Kathy Ann was lucky enough to receive an 81, but Lorna Jane missed the mark at 78 percent and, at Greystone, close was not good enough!

Under the baleful gaze of two Supervisory Matrons, a tearful and thoroughly frightened Lorna Jane was required to remove her tight, light grey skirt and snug fitting, black and white striped cotton panties. This left the girl attired above the waist in her bra and tight grey short sleeved sweater. Below the waist, she wore only her off-white elastic garter belt, sheer tan nylons, and glossy black patent spike-heeled pumps.

Her wrists were then handcuffed behind her back and her ankles were secured with manacles having a six inch connecting chain which ensured a mincing gait! She was then marched off to Punishment Room Number 4 where her girlishly plump, pale-fleshed bare buttocks received five slowly and scientifically administered strokes of a flexible and stinging Punishment Cane. A salutary lesson indeed!

Back in her cell, a sobbing Lorna Jane lay on her tummy – her luscious bottom burning and throbbing – as she desperately tried to memorize every word in that awful Rule Book.

Illustrations by Roger Benson. Coloring by StoneKnight.

Pedagogical Practice at Greystone 

Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann also spent a considerable portion of each day in a special “classroom” that was located in the isolation wing in which they were housed. This room contained, among other things, two old fashioned wood and wrought iron combined student desk and seat units, a blackboard, a high stool, and a teacher’s desk. The student desks were better suited to nine-year-olds than well-developed teenagers in nylons and spike heels.

However, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann somehow managed to squeeze their succulent pulchritude into the constrained space and spent many long, uncomfortable hours on the hard wooden seats while they received lectures on important moral and civic issues, wrote essays on themes such as “How to be a Good Girl,” and memorized various materials that were given to them by the Matron-Teachers. Indeed, the girls received the honor of a lengthy lecture on “The Perils of Juvenile Delinquency” delivered by Superintendent Ella Baines herself!

As with any pedagogical setting there were, of course, pedagogical punishments! These included writing lines, standing in the corner, wearing a dunce cap, and receiving corporal correction. The latter included the classroom ruler and the Official Correction Strap, supplied by the local school board, and approved for use on the soft hands and girlishly plump bare buttocks of naughty teenage girls!

Both Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann periodically underwent the painful and humiliating experiences of having to stand in front of the Teacher’s Desk, bare from the waist down except for their garter belts, nylons and spike-heeled pumps, their soft hands extended – each in turn with palms upward – for the corrective sting of the pliant wooden ruler. Tears trickled down the girls’ shame-reddened cheeks and they squirmed and sobbed haplessly, knowing only too well that this was simply a prelude to sound, bare bottom rulerings!

But what the girls dreaded most was being marched into the windowless, brightly-lit anteroom off the classroom. Skirts and panties also came off in the anteroom and, after their hands had been strapped, the sobbing girls were required to bend over the back of a solid oak chair, presenting their ripely curved bare buttocks in the most tempting and vulnerable fashion imaginable for the tender mercies of the Official Correction Strap! After such a session, the girls were invariably required to sit bare bottomed at their school desks.

On one occasion, a tearful Lorna Jane squirmed too much on her hard wooden seat. This earned a stern rebuke from her Instructress: “Stop that squirming, young lady, or I’ll march you back to the Correction Chamber and really give you something to squirm about!”

A Distinguished Visitor! 

A highly intelligent woman, Superintendent Ella Baines realized how important was the support of various influential personages to the success of her institution. As part of her social activities in this area, she decided to invite Learned Judge Roderick Pimm-Lansing to an Afternoon Tea to be held in her well-appointed Private Quarters at the Reformatory. She was delighted when the Good Judge accepted the invitation and immediately started planning for the event.

Two serving maids would be required and she decided that Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann would be perfect for this since both girls, despite their foolish fling with two juvenile delinquent-inclined lads, were well mannered and properly brought up. Also, it would be of interest to Mr. Justice Pimm-Lansing to see how the two girls he had sentenced were “coming along.”

In preparation for their serving duties, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were required to remove their skirts, leaving them bare below the waist except for their garter belts, striped panties, hose, and heels. Above the waist they continued to wear their skin-fitting, short sleeved reformatory sweaters (with the humiliating Identification Numbers on the back). This brief attire was then augmented with sparkling white maid’s caps, little white gloves and ridiculously short little white aprons that failed to cover their loins. The girls’ regulation glossy black patent leather spike-heeled pumps were replaced with the same type of pumps in glossy white patent leather. They were, to be sure, an attractive pair!

The Tea was attended by Mr. Justice Pimm-Lansing; his Personal Assistant, Miss Moira Ashdowne; Superintendent Ella Baines; Dr. Elaine Fenton, Greystone’s Sapphically-inclined medico; and Miss Agnes Thrasher, Greystone’s Chief Supervisory Matron. Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann, the very picture of blushing, succulent servility, served the tea and cakes. The distinguished assemblage commented openly on the girls’ outfits, unanimously declaring them “most appealing.”

Alas, whilst Kathy Ann was refilling Mr. Justice Pimm-Lansing’s Royal Doulton cup with pungent Earl Grey tea, the poor girl inadvertently spilled a small quantity of the hot liquid on the upper trouser leg of the Eminent Justice’s impeccably-cut Savile Row suit. The Good Judge emitted a most unjudicial screech and then, scarlet-faced, vigorously tongue lashed Kathy Ann: “Stupid girl! Careless little cow! It’s obvious you need a Lesson in Discipline!”

Tears welling in her eyes, Kathy Ann began to blubber out the most abject apologies imaginable. “Silence!” thundered Superintendent Ella Baines. “That piece of stupidity, my girl, will cost you two hours in Punishment Room Number 11 later this afternoon! Now, go and fetch a moist cloth to repair the damage you have done to my distinguished guest’s attire!”

A sobbing Kathy Ann scurried from the room, spike heels clicking, her girlishly plump behind swaying and jiggling in her frantic haste. Mr. Justice Pimm-Lansing and Superintendent Ella Baines exchanged cold smirks.

On her return, Kathy Ann groveled on her rounded, nyloned knees, gently patting Judge Pimm-Lansing’s trouser leg with the damp cloth. Lorna Jane watched this with a rapidly beating heart, dry mouth, and a bare bottom that was literally crawling with the gooseflesh of dread. The hapless, teary girl fervently prayed that Kathy Ann’s fate would not befall her!

After the Tea was concluded, Kathy Ann had her sweater removed, her wrists handcuffed behind her back, her ankles manacled, and a metal “discipline helmet” was placed over her lovely head. She was promptly marched off to Punishment Room Number 11 by two stone-faced Supervisory Matrons.

Lorna Jane, also handcuffed and ankle-manacled, was taken to the Punishment Room as well to witness Kathy Ann’s anguishing atonement. She had been gagged with white adhesive tape, proficiently applied by Greystone’s Nurse Nora North, to stifle the annoying girlish sobs, gasps, and whimpers that invariably accompany the witnessing of a strict disciplinary session!

Illustration by Roger Benson.

The matrons in charge of young Kathy Ann’s punishment were slow, methodical and relentless. They proceeded without undue haste, for they had a full two hours to exact retribution for the girl’s carelessness in serving the good Judge.

A good 20 minutes was expended merely in preparing Kathy Ann for the inevitable corporal penalties. Weeping openly, her discipline helmet was removed – all the better to allow her girlish cries to be heard! She was bound to a crossed pair of beams that provided the matrons (and a few titillated onlookers) with splendid view of her lovely back, firm thighs and plumply perfect hips. Pausing every so often to inspect the strength of the penitent’s bonds or to readjust the hapless miss ever so slightly, the matrons scolded her for her inattention to her servile duties.

In their languorous pace to prepare poor Kathy Ann, the stern-faced ladies managed to heighten the nineteen-year-old’s sense of dreadful anticipation!

Finally, with an unceremonious tug at the girl’s prison panties, her trembling teenaged derriere was exposed, and her real suffering would begin. But here again, the disciplinary matrons showed their experience by moving with a gradual, steady and inexorable progress. First, the back of Kathy Ann’s legs were reddened just above her stocking tops with a simple school ruler. She wiggled helplessly in her bonds as the severe women took a short pause to rest. Then, the girl’s protruding pulchritudinous globes remained pale as the women took turns strapping her dancing nyloned thighs.

Judge Pimm-Lansing and Superintendent Baines watched Kathy Ann’s lengthy and uncomfortable restitution from a well-appointed anteroom equipped with one-way glass. Lorna Jane watched it standing up, tears dripping from her quivering chin, an arm firmly gripped by a Supervisory Matron who ominously warned, “Do not dare to close or avert your eyes, young lady, or we’ll start on you once we’ve finished with your little girlfriend! Do you understand?”

“Mmmmmphhgggggg!” Lorna Jane replied poignantly, nodding her head in such fervent agreement that her tears flew in the air!

At last, when Kathy Ann’s lovely rounded thighs seemed incapable of bearing any more pain, the punishment matrons started in on the area referred to by Superintendent Baines as “the seat of learning for all teenaged misses.” The good ladies began merely by slapping the proffered bottom cheeks with gloved hands, demonstrating that they certainly did not need an implement to reduce a naughty girl to tears.

But it was inevitable that they would indeed pick up an implement to sharpen the pain in the girl’s pink bottom. Moving once again with the gradual pacing of seasoned spankers, the matrons used an old-fashioned birch rod to great effect. They started out with soft, almost mincing swings but quickly progressed to very stern strokes that had Kathy Ann screeching with every blow.

At the conclusion of the thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, Mr. Justice Pimm-Lansing warmly thanked Superintendent Baines for her lovely hospitality and complimented the good woman on the disciplinary expertise of her matrons! There was little doubt that he strongly approved the most beneficial effect the Greystone Reformatory was having on Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann and felt certain that neither girl would every again be tempted to keep the company of juvenile delinquents!

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Roger Benson, “Delinquent Damsels In Distress” Chapter 3: Reformatory Reckoning

Delinquent Damsels In Distress by Roger Benson, 1961

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Chapter 3: Reformatory Reckoning 

In the last chapter we saw our lovely nineteen-year-old misses, Lorna Jane Welworthy and Kathy Ann Goodchild, being summarily transported to the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls as a consequence of their naughty dalliance with the juvenile delinquent-inclined youths – Archie Jackson and Kenny Williams. It was the summer of 1961, and these two young ladies had been brought up on charges as accessories to the delinquents’ robbery of the Pleasant Corners Gas Station. Although they tearfully protested their innocence, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were dispensed without delay or fuss to the tender mercies of the Correctional System.

Before going on with the account of the girls’ “Reformatory Reckoning,” I wish to recount some pleasant water-related experiences both girls had enjoyed. The purpose of this seeming diversion, gentle reader, will soon become clear!

Like many teener girls, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were influenced by the “movie magazines” that told all about the Hollywood starlets. Particularly on Saturday nights – before their “hot dates” – both girls liked to indulge in “starlet bubble baths.” After emerging from one of these, Lorna Jane – like her dear friend Kathy Ann – would put on her garter belt, sheer charcoal-hued Teen Queen “Midnight Madness” nylon stockings and her glossy black patent leather spike-heeled pumps.

Next, Lorna Jane – her lovely lips formed in a juicy moue – would carefully apply Teen Temptress cherry-flavored, kiss-proof lipstick. Then she would dab perfume behind her ears, at her throat, between her lovely, rounded breasts, at her navel, on the ripe summits of her bare, curvaceous buttocks, and – finally – on her nyloned knee hollows. Like most girls, Lorna Jane thought black underwear was terribly sexy and always put on a filmy bra and panty set in this naughty hue for Date Night. Then she would parade around in front of her well stocked clothes closet seeking a snug skirt and sweater combination that would have Archie slobbering with desire even before the first lingering tongue kiss!

Lorna Jane had also indulged more than once in the naughty act of “skinny dipping” at Lover’s Lagoon with her boyfriend Archie. After a leisurely swim, the well-equipped Archie would spread a soft blanket on the warm sand – while Lorna Jane struck a “glamour girl” pose – as a prelude to a passionate pleasure session!

Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann also enjoyed “sleepovers” from time to time at each other’s lovely family homes. On such occasions, it was not unusual for the girls to shower together in their private bathrooms, enjoying not only the warm water but also one another’s lovely presence.

The girls’ experiences at the Greystone Reformatory would be very different indeed.

Arrival at Greystone 

The tall iron gates of the Greystone Reformatory opened and the black van transporting Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann proceeded up the roadway leading to the main entrance. Once arrived, the girls were unhooked from the overhead rail in the van, their wrists were promptly re-handcuffed behind their backs and – still hooded and ankle-manacled – they were marched down a series of corridors leading to the office of Greystone’s Superintendent.

Once inside the office, the attending matrons stood the girls in front of the imposing desk of Superintendent Baines and removed the hoods. Through tear-filled eyes, a thoroughly frightened Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann had their very first sight of the imperious, powerfully-built and coldly handsome woman who would now control their young lives!

“I am Miss Ella Baines,” the woman spoke without further ado in her forceful, deep voice, “Superintendent of the Greystone Reformatory. You shall address me as Madam Superintendent and bow your heads in my presence as indeed you shall with all Reformatory Officials. You are here to be strictly punished for your delinquent pranks. During your stay you shall behave with total, unquestioning obedience and humility. Even the slightest deviation from this requirement will result in additional, strict punishments that – let me assure you – you will not enjoy. Matrons, take these miscreants to the Intake Area!”

It was another long, frightening and humiliating walk for Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann, at the end of which they were turned over to four cold faced, burly Intake Matrons, two for each girl.

Released from their handcuffs and ankle manacles, a sobbing Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were required to remove their bras, panties, garter belts, stockings and spike-heeled pumps – leaving them as naked as newborn babes!

Then they were ordered to get into two large iron bathtubs – standing side by side – filled with lukewarm water that had a strongly antiseptic smell. Both girls were given bars of soap that also smelled of antiseptic, coarse washcloths and orders to scrub themselves as if their lives depended on it! A marked contrast, to be sure, with the many occasions when they had pampered their prettiness with “Starlet Bubble Baths.” Indeed, there was a most unhappy reminder when one of the matrons sharply addressed Lorna Jane, saying, “Scrub harder, young lady! You’re not at home getting ready for a date, you know!”

After the baths, and a rough but effective toweling, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were required to don the off-white elastic garter belts, sheer tan-hued nylons and glossy black patent leather spike-heeled pumps that were Official Reformatory Issue.

Then, each of the tearful girls, in turn, was made to stand on a small pedestal bearing their name and Official Reformatory Number and pose for photographs that would have delighted the most devoted fan of Penitent Pulchritude magazine!

Next on the girls’ “Intake Agenda” was a lengthy and thoroughly humiliating “medical examination” conducted by Dr. Elaine Fenton, Greystone’s Sapphically-inclined medico, and her faithful assistant, Nurse Nora North. Naturally, the Intake Matrons were present throughout in their “Official Capacity.”

But the worst was yet to come! Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were taken to Miss Cora “Clippers” Coldhart, the reformatory barber! While she sat on a hard wooden stool, sobbing, Lorna Jane’s lovely shoulder-length brunette tresses were sacrificed to Reformatory Regulations! All too soon, the heartbroken girl had a short “boy’s haircut” that contrasted dramatically with the succulent shapeliness of her female figure. Kathy Ann’s raven locks were next to be shorn!

Finally, the two sobbing culprits were outfitted in the remaining items of their reformatory uniform: black and white striped cotton bras and panties, skin fitting short sleeved sweaters with their Official Reformatory Numbers stenciled on the back, and tight, lighter grey skirts ending just below the girls’ rounded, nyloned knees.

Then, wrists handcuffed behind their backs, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were marched off to their cells in a special Isolation Wing of the reformatory. Learned Judge Roderick Pimm-Lansing had directed Superintendent Baines that the girls should not be mixed with the rest of the reformatory population and that the two curvaceous culprits would only be incarcerated until the commencement of the fall college term. Nonetheless, it would be a harrowing two months for our two “damsels in distress”!

Introduction to Reformatory Discipline 

As is well known, the cold water pressure hose is a much-favored disciplinary procedure at the Reformatories for Naughty Girls. Indeed, the 1953 mainstream movie, “Problem Girls” – released by the prestigious Columbia Studios – shows a naughty, squirming and sobbing girl strung up by her wrists in a shower cubicle while a diligent matron supervises the cold water treatment!

The Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls was no exception to this well-established tradition, as Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann found out before their first week of incarceration had passed.

Two Supervisory Matrons arrived at Lorna Jane’s cell and the frightened girl, blinking back tears, was required to put on a black elastic garter belt, charcoal-hued Teen Queen nylons (just like the ones she had tempted Archie with!), and then replace her glossy black patent leather spike-heeled pumps.

Unknown to the hapless girls, the events about to transpire would – in accordance with Superintendent Baines’ Official Decree – be recorded with an 8 millimeter film camera. Although we are not at liberty to go into details, suffice it to say that this most interesting “amateur movie” would be shared with certain distinguished personages in the noble fields of the judiciary and journalism!

After poor Lorna Jane had been “appropriately costumed,” her wrists were handcuffed behind her back again and her ankles were secured with manacles having a six inch connecting chain which ensured a delightfully mincing gait.

The next stop was the cell of Kathy Ann – who was promptly and efficiently subjected to the same set of procedures.

Both trembling girls were then marched along a series of corridors which ended at a pale green metal door bearing the blood-curdling words: “Punishment Chamber Number 7: Water Treatment.”

Ushered into a small anteroom, the girls’ spike-heeled pumps were removed by the attending matrons. Then they were taken into a considerably larger room, brightly lit and completely finished – walls, floor and ceiling – with shiny, pale green ceramic tiles.

Their handcuffs removed, the girls were ordered to put their arms out in front of them, palms pressed together. Their wrists were then securely bound with rope which was then threaded through sturdy overhead eyelets until both terrified teeners were up on their nyloned tippy toes.

Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann squealed with sheer dread as black cloth hoods were now pulled over their heads. While two matrons busied themselves with preparing the camera, another matron – wearing black bra and panties, garter belt, sheer nylons and glossy black spike-heeled boots – picked up the cold water pressure hose that had been coiled in one corner of the chamber and ensured that all the connections were in order.

While Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann poignantly sobbed and squirmed, the movie camera began to hum. As if this were a cue, the booted matron activated the hose.

Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann shrieked in horror as they felt the pressurized cold water spray their lovely bodies. Screaming and shrieking out hapless, useless pleas, the two girls twisted and writhed in a desperate attempt to avoid the horrid spray. The grinning matron simply followed their movements with her hose, soaking breasts, bellies, backs, buttocks and shapely, stockinged legs. It just seemed to go on an on.

The cold water pressure hose treatment is no doubt a strict disciplinary procedure but it was highly beneficial for both Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann. Both girls now knew in no uncertain terms what the Reformatories for Naughty Girls were all about and deeply repented their misbehavior with Archie and Kenny.

Indeed, both girls tearfully and fervently resolved to never again have anything to do with juvenile delinquent-inclined boys – no matter how handsome they were or how nice their autocars were – and instead to be “the goodest girls who ever lived!”

However, Learned Judge Pimm-Lansing and Superintendent Baines both wisely understood that Reformatory Discipline is not just about eliciting good resolutions from naughty girls, it is also about properly punishing past pranks. Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann’s slates were still far from clean.

Illustration by Roger Benson.

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Roger Benson, “Delinquent Damsels In Distress” Chapter 2: The Crime

Delinquent Damsels In Distress by Roger Benson, 1961

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Chapter 2: The Crime

We move forward nearly a year in the lives of the two young ladies we met in the prologue of our tale. On a lovely warm evening in the summer of 1961, the delectable lass Lorna Jane Welworthy, just 19, was out for a ride with her boyfriend, Archie Jackson. Alas, the naive girl did not realize that the lad had juvenile delinquent tendencies! 

Archie and Lorna Jane were accompanied by a rogue of Archie’s acquaintance – one Kenny Williams – and it was suggested that the trio drop by Lorna Jane’s best friend Kathy Ann Goodchild, because Kenny had been “dying to meet her.” As it happened, Kathy Ann’s rather strict parents had gone out, effectively removing any impediment to the naughty girl joining the group. 

Who could blame the girls for the giving in to the appeal of these two devilishly handsome young men and Archie’s “hot rodded” autocar, a 1955 Mercury coupe?

For a lovely hour, the hot rodded conveyance was parked at Lover’s Leap – Lorna Jane and Archie in the front seat, Kathy Ann and Kenny in the back. Decorum forbids too graphic an account of what transpired, but we very much suspect that – for both girls – upper sweater buttons were undone, snug skirts were rucked up over tautly suspendered stocking tops, and pretty mouths obediently opened for adoring (and extended!) tongue kisses!

After such “energetic activity,” the boys’ thoughts turned inevitably to “Burgers ‘n Cokes” while the girls eagerly anticipated an ice cream soda at Ye Olde Soda Shoppe. It is at this point that Archie reflected on his and Kenny’s “funding problem” (that is, their lack thereof). In a whispered exchange with Kenny, the decision was taken to visit the Pleasant Corners Gas Station, staffed only by the genial and much-loved oldster, “Pop” McCord.

The lads didn’t really do anything brutal to Mr. McCord – they simply pushed him around, threatened him and scooped up a day’s honest takings from the till. These are the sorts of things such swaggering youths still do today when it’s two against one and the object of their attentions is an elderly gentleman.

Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann remained in the car, refreshing their lipstick, adjusting their attire, and exchanging girlish prattle while the lads pursued their foul doings. The girls, of course, were quite unaware of what their boyfriends were up to.

Then it was back to the car and a hasty, tire-squealing escape. “Oh, Archie, dear,” Lorna Jane sweetly enunciated as she snuggled closer to her virile “he-man.” “Why are you rushing so?”

How fortunate that Officers O’Feelery and O’Lubbery, their Squad Car parked behind a billboard on Fairway Road, spotted the speedsters! Lights flashing and siren blaring, they were quickly on a suddenly frightened Archie’s tail. Faced with the Omnipotent Law, the naughty lad pulled over hoping to lie his way out of the situation. 

His hopes were futile, however. With their Official Service Revolvers drawn, the two policemen soon had the miscreants up against their getaway car, hands on the roof, a very apprehensive Archie and Kenny on one side, a now-tearful Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann on the other. Within minutes, a second squad car arrived. The handcuffed lads were taken off in one while Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were transported off to the local jail under the supervision of Officer Iona Canewell and Officer Agnes Bircher, two burly experts where naughty teener girls are concerned! 

Both girls undoubtedly wondered in their terror which would be worse – the “tender mercies” of the court, or their hairbrush-wielding mothers, sure to punish them soundly even if they were acquitted!

A Brief, Certain Trial

Later that same week, both young Archie and his friend Kenny were quickly and strictly dealt with by Mr. Justice Roderick Pimm-Lansing in his sentence of time at the Irongate Reform School for Male Youths. Despite their advanced ages of 21 and 20, respectively, they would come to be reminded what happens to boys who transgress society’s laws.

Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were of course exquisitely tearful and contrite as they stood trembling before the Learned Judge, pleading with abject sincerity that they didn’t know what the young lads were up to. But the jurist was less interested in their copious contrition than their well developed curves so appealingly enhanced by snug sweaters and skirts, sheer nylons and spike-heeled pumps. 

We must hasten to add, however, that the Good Judge’s interest was not motivated by any prurient proclivities, but rather by his sage judicial belief that the girls’ mouthwatering pulchritude had doubtless “inflamed” the naughty lads to their heinous act at the Pleasant Corners Gas Station on that warm night. 

One doubts that the Learned Judge would take a lenient view given the seriousness of the matter, the dangers of delinquent dalliance, and the fact that his own black Cadillac judicial limousine had often been “gassed up” by the genial and respectfully servile “Pop” McCord. (“A community servant of the old school, harumph, to be sure!” to quote the judge.) 

“This juvenile delinquency business must be dealt with strictly,” the Learned Judge sagely observed before passing sentence in a stern tone of voice: “You miscreant misses will forthwith be consigned to the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls where you shall remain at the pleasure of this court awaiting execution of the penalty we shall in our own good time devise!”

The extremely brief trial was covered by celebrated domestic discipline journalist Billy Hackmore, Sr., taking notes for his next “Swell Exclusive.” Among the titles he considered were “Detention and Derriere Discipline for Delectable Delinquents” and “Reformatory Reckoning and Redbottom Retribution for Wrongdoers” – although “Tearful Teeners’ Tempting Tails to be Tanned” retains a certain classic appeal. 

In accordance with Official Procedure, both sorrowful girls had their wrists handcuffed behind their backs and were permitted one hug from their parents (punctuated by a sound smack by each mother to her teener’s snugly-skirted rump). We can well imagine what Mrs. Welworthy and Mrs. Goodchild wished to do to their naughty daughters – and would have, were it not for the fact the two deliciously distressed delinquents were now wards of the court. 

Firmly gripped by their attending matrons, they now made without further delay the frightening trip to the dungeon-like Holding Area located in the bowels of the courtroom. An omen of things to come, to be sure! Naturally, the courtroom spectators watched with great interest as Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann – sniffling and swaying, their spike heels clicking – were marched off to their fate! 

The black van from the Reformatory arrived in about half an hour. The girls’ handcuffs were removed and, under the strict direction of two burly supervisory matrons, they were required to strip to their bras, panties, garter belts, sheer nylon stockings and spike heels. Then their wrists were once again handcuffed behind their backs, their ankles were secured with manacles with six inch connecting chains, and form fitting black hoods were pulled over their heads. 

One of the two matrons from the Greystone Reformatory signed receipts for Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann and then marched each haplessly hobbled girl into the van. The girls’ handcuffs were once again removed, only to be replaced in such a way that each shapely “package for transport” would have her arms drawn up over her head and fastened to a sturdy overhead rod that ran the length of the van’s rear compartment. 

Then it was off to Greystone, one matron driving while the other remained in the back of the van to supervise the two delectable teeners consigned to her tender mercies. One can readily imagine how poor Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann swayed and jiggled – suspended from the overhead rail – as the van bounced along the road. 

As we can see from the illustration, the guard in the rear of the van could not take her eyes off Lorna Jane’s girlishly plump behind as it jiggled and swayed. Quite understandably, the matron succumbed to the temptation to administer a smart kick to the girl’s juicy right buttock. This action produced the most delicious hood-stifled squeal of distress from the shapely miscreant who now realized how horribly different a Reformatory Van ride was from sitting on a comfy car seat being felt up and tongue kissed by an adoring Archie! 

How much Reformatory Time would the girls receive? I feel certain that, whatever it may be, it would surely be supplemented by a judicially ordained fifty-stroke Official Reformatory Punishment Strapping on their girlishly plump bare buttocks. In keeping with the practice, it would be administered some weeks after their arrival at the Reformatory, so they would have ample time to contemplate their fate. And, of course, so that arrangements could be made for certain distinguished guests to be invited – I wonder who these might be? Perhaps a certain “famous, syndicated journalist” might be on the list! 

Illustration by Roger Benson.

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Roger Benson, “Delinquent Damsels In Distress” Chapter 1: Prologue

Delinquent Damsels In Distress by Roger Benson, 1961

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Illustration by Roger Benson.


Great literary “finds” just don’t come along that frequently, so it was a terrific event when Mr. Roger Benson’s 1961 work, Delinquent Damsels in Distress, recently surfaced. And I was personally delighted when asked to write a Foreword to this important work. 

During the 1947-1961 period I was privileged to be an internationally syndicated columnist famed for my “Swell Exclusives” which included many accounts of the domestic and institutional corporal punishment of naughty teener girls, printed in all the major publications, including Discipline Digest, Reformatory Review, The Hairbrush Herald and Juvenile Justice

Thanks to my personal friendship and professional association with the luminary Hollywood producer, Lamont van Renselier III, many of these articles became the foundation for screenplays that kept the drive-in movies packed in that golden era. Aficionados still recall with enthusiasm many of Lamont’s great films, including “Reformatory Reckoning,” “Spanked Sweetheart,” and “Miss Redbottom Goes To College!” 

Mr. Benson’s superbly illustrated Delinquent Damsels In Distress is a classic totally in keeping with this grand tradition. His account – which is both exciting and morally uplifting – tells of how two pretty, shapely, privileged nineteen-year-old misses – Lorna Jane Welworthy and Kathy Ann Goodchild – learn the lesson of their young lives at the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls! 

Despite their many privileges, these two succulent teeners became involved with two very naughty, juvenile delinquent-inclined boys and – all too soon – found themselves standing before Learned Judge Roderick Pimm-Lansing for a strict sentence of Reformatory Discipline! 

The Supervisory Matrons at the Greystone Reformatory are under no illusions about where the (girlishly plump!) “seat of learning” is located in the case of naughty teener girls, and the thoroughly frightened and tearful Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann soon find themselves undergoing strict and varied disciplinary procedures they could have never imagined!

Roger Benson’s novella is a thorough account of what happened in the reformatories for naughty girls back in that golden era. It is also a most morally uplifting tale demonstrating – as it conclusively does – how the total and lasting reformation of naughty girls can be achieved with appropriate disciplinary measures! Mr. Benson’s Delinquent Damsels In Distress is a major contribution to the finest literature ever written on this “burning” topic! 

Billy Hackmore, Sr., December 2004

Chapter 1: Prologue 

Mrs. Iona Welworthy, a Boston matron of commanding presence and impeccable social connections, decided in 1960 that her eighteen-year-old daughter, Lorna Jane, would benefit greatly from a summer spent with her maiden aunt, Miss Agatha Webster, who then lived in a charming Sussex village in jolly old England. 

And so it came to pass that, one bright morning in mid-June of that year, lovely Lorna Jane departed by steamer for Southhampton. A few days later, she was properly settled in at her aunt’s large, comfortably appointed and well-staffed “county seat.” 

Lorna Jane Welworthy was an attractive brown-haired girl who, standing five feet seven inches in her stocking feet, had the enviable dimensions of 37-25-38. She was also a respectful and properly behaved young lady, thanks to her mother’s firm belief in strict but loving discipline – a view totally shared by Aunt Agatha!

Village life thrives on the careful observation of traditions and rituals. Accordingly, Lorna Jane was expected to attend weekly services with her Aunty and benefit from the blessed wisdom of Vicar Pennyworth. That first Sunday, the girl wore an appealing dress in clinging jersey. Its powder blue coloration was pleasingly complemented by her accessories of white pillbox hat, little white gloves, a waist-hugging narrow white leather belt and glossy white patent spike-heeled pumps. And, since she was to be in a Holy Place, her sheer, tan-hued nylons were held up by an appropriately snug girdle! 

We have said that lovely Lorna Jane was a well brought-up girl but, alas, like all young girls she was capable of making silly mistakes from time to time. This Sunday morning she most regrettably had the uncontrollable urge – during the service – to enter into a whispered, giggling exchange with another shapely lass. None of this escaped the eagle eyed attentions of Aunty Agatha or Vicar Pennyworth. 

Agatha Webster invited Vicar Pennyworth to lunch at her home, an invitation the good man was only too pleased to accept for he suspected that more than food and drink would be involved. Indeed, he was right! 

Poor Lorna Jane, tears trickling down her shame-red cheeks, stood – head bowed in contrition – before her strict Aunt receiving a sound lecture on the fundamental principles of good behavior that young girls disregard at their peril! The unhappy girl was required to hold her skirt up with her hands behind her back, providing a well-pleased Vicar Pennyworth with a view that engaged his fullest attention and, may we say, his fulsome enjoyment! Indeed, the holy gentleman’s face was as ruddy as the vintage port that graced his crystal glass.

It is, of course, a pleasing inevitability that poor Lorna Jane’s stockings will be unhooked, her girdle and panties descended to her ripely-rounded thighs, and then she will then be taken over Aunty’s knee for a very strict hairbrushing. 

How many hairbrush smacks, dear reader, should the naughty miss receive? How long after the spanking should she be required to wear her girdle, hose and heels? A snug-fitting girdle does a wizard job of retaining the throbbing heat of a spanking, spike heels tend to increase “bottom mobility” – with obvious implications – and the way stockings tug on girdle supporters simply adds a further nuance of discomfort. 

Finally, when naughty Lorna Jane was required to raise her skirt, it became only too apparent that she was wearing a pair of rather naughty panties under her girdle. Shouldn’t this be taken into account when Aunty Agatha determines the extent of the girl’s chastisement?

Illustrations by Roger Benson. Coloring by StoneKnight.

Meeting Kathy Ann

Back home in the fall of 1960, Lorna Jane became a first-year student at Maydith College, an all-girls’ institution with a fine reputation for proper disciplinary standards and excellent instruction in the gentle and domestic arts. Lovely Lorna Jane’s closest and dearest friend at school was Miss Kathy Ann Goodchild, also eighteen. Kathy Ann shared Lorna Jane’s enviable endowments: 5’7” tall, while the tale the tape measure told was 37- 25-38. This allowed the girls to wear each other’s clothes, creating the impression that their wardrobes were twice as large! Kathy Ann was a sweet and very polite girl who wore her lovely raven tresses in a fashionably shortcut. 

Kathy Ann owed her good demeanor to her mother’s strict but loving attention to proper upbringing precepts and practices. In short, Mrs. Goodchild was an accomplished disciplinarian. She was also a very busy woman with many community responsibilities such as The Ladies Aid Society and other good works. That is why, two years earlier (when Kathy Ann was sixteen) she introduced the practice of having her darling daughter report for her spankings with her buttocks already prepared for discipline. 

As Mrs. Goodchild explains: “That means completely bare from the waist down except for her garter belt, sheer nylons and spike-heeled pumps or perhaps, on some occasions, her bobby sox and penny loafers. At her grown up age, Kathy Ann is naturally considerably embarrassed by this but, as far as I am concerned, that is simply part of the punishment.” 

We can well imagine how poor Kathy Ann feels as she walks to her mother’s bedroom, her heels clicking and so shamefully aware of her swaying, jiggling bare behind! Little wonder the girl is blushing like a beet. Once in the bedroom, Kathy Ann must stand in contrition before her mother for a sound scolding which the good woman delivers while lightly but meaningfully patting her open palm with her glossy black, oval shaped wooden hairbrush. On such occasions, Mrs. Goodchild always addresses Kathy Ann as if she were a child rather than a big girl in nylons and spike heels. Scolding duties complete, Mrs. Goodchild seats herself regally on her bed and – with a crooked finger – summons Kathy Ann to summary bare-bottom justice!

Such punishments are always systematically administered until Kathy Ann’s buttocks and the backs of her thighs – where they are bare above her stocking tops – are very prettily reddened and the sorrowful girl’s tears are running freely. After the spanking, Kathy Ann is permitted to retreat to her room which she does, cupping her burning, throbbing buttocks, and taking those squirmy little “owww, I can barely walk” steps a freshly spanked girl in heels always takes. Once in her room, Kathy Ann will lie face down on her bed and benefit from a good cry. 

Given that Kathy Ann and Lorna Jane are such close friends, perhaps their mothers should collaborate on their daughters’ discipline. It is a tempting prospect to conjure up the vision of Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann bare from the waist down – except for their garter belts, nylons and pumps – and walking side by side down the long corridor that leads to the execution chamber that is Mother’s Bedroom! Perhaps the tearful and frightened girls would hold hands in moral support – a deep reflection of the depth of their girlish affection for each other!

In the spirit of collaboration, Mrs. Goodchild might be interested to know the opinion of Mrs. Welworthy about two matters. First, after Kathy Ann’s discipline, how long should the dear girl be required to remain skirtless and pantyless? Second, if Kathy Ann is spanked before the family supper hour, should she be required to take her supper while sitting on her bare bottom, or should she perhaps be permitted to eat it standing up in front of the fireplace mantelpiece (minus her skirt and panties, of course)?

Illustrations by Roger Benson. Coloring by StoneKnight.

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Anonymous, “Récits de la Villa Brigitte” Spanking Illustrations

Anonymous spanking illustrations from the 1911 two-volume novel Récits de la Villa Brigitte: Fessées Gaillardes et Authentiques Racontées par les Membres du Club Sainte Brigitte (Tales of the Villa Brigitte: Cheerful and Authentic Spankings as told by the Members of the Club Sainte Brigitte).

“I began to lay on with a vengeance with the result that I soon brought the blood to the skin, and although her bottom was fully exposed to the air in the rather cool room, it soon became quite warm! She uttered a few groans of pain, but made no attempt to escape my grasp. ‘Now what do you think of my ability at flogging?’ I asked between two hard smacks. I had been laying on the smacks with all my force, and they must have stung her tender flesh severely…” – Excerpt from Récits de la Villa Brigitte

This two-volume set is for sale here.

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Happy Pride Month

As a proud bisexual woman I wish you all a Happy Pride Month. 🌈 The illustration below, The Loot of the Rainbow, is by artist Arthur John Ferrier.

For those of you who don’t know – “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Pride Month is currently celebrated each year in the month of June to honor the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan. The Stonewall Uprising was a tipping point for the Gay Liberation Movement in the United States. Memorials are held during this month for those members of the community who have been lost to hate crimes or HIV/AIDS. The purpose of the commemorative month is to recognize the impact that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals have had on history locally, nationally, and internationally.”

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