“Slap It!” Butt Mask Photo Update

It is rather silly, but here is my “Slap It!” Butt Mask update. Husband was kind enough to take a few photos.

Although you can’t see it in the photos my bottom is quite bruised from my spanking play last week at Sacred Muse. The mask actually feels pretty good! Especially since wooden implements tend to give the bottom a bit of a rough texture as it heals and a lot of wood toys were used last week in a very intense way!

Smiles and Spanks, NaturallyGin.com

Masks…for your butt?

Butt Masks? Sure! Why not?! I purchased the “Slap It!” mask and will be trying it later tonight :)


“At Bawdy Beauty, we’re all about “bawdy care” – for your butt and beyond! We believe your butt should look as great as your face. You want to show it off, don’t you? That’s why we say Slap it, Grab it, Shake it, Bite it… butt don’t neglect it! Bawdy butt masks combat gravity and perfect the appearance of your skin. They are formulated to tone and help contour your butt leaving it taut and smooth.” – Bawdy Beauty, The Original Butt Mask


Smiles and Spanks, NaturallyGin.com

Michael Masterson’s The Spanking Blog

What spanko isn’t a Michael Masterson fan?! The Spanking Blog consists of spanking related news, reviews and articles. Enjoy if you haven’t already!

“This is an adult site dedicated to the exploration of spanking between consenting adults. The main focus is on disciplinary spankings portrayed in various spanking videos and pictures, with sample pictures and reviews of the spanking content.” – The Spanking Blog

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