More Linolicious! 🍑

More beautiful linocut bottom prints by Kier from her Etsy shop Linolicious. I love them all! ❤️

Kier now offers custom mini prints as well!

“I will produce a linocut print from a photograph provided by you. The photos are a selection of examples of custom prints I have recently done. The image size will be approx 3×4” and will be printed onto 5×7” paper which makes it super easy to frame.
Linocut printing is a form of relief printing. A design is drawn out then transferred onto a piece of lino. The image is then carved out using specialised tools. Ink is rolled onto the finished lino block and paper laid onto the block and either hand burnished or put through a printing press to transfer the image onto the paper.”


Smiles and Spanks,

Shadow Lane and the Twitcher

Shadow Lane was very enjoyable this year! Lots of spanking, mostly giving. A few spanks on the receiving end, including the promised birching from Keith Jones, yay! At the vendors fair I was excited to find a new rawhide cane (mine broke recently) and I am very happy with the replacement.

Roger Patterson Twitcher.jpg

“Made by the whipmaker artist, Roger Patterson, out of Scottsdale, AZ, his rawhide Twitcher is on the extreme sting side of the sensation scale. Swishing it through the air generates a high pitched whistle, belying it’s “high pitched” impact. This implement feels very similarly to the way a cut “switch” feels.” – from MissChrisTexasToys on Etsy.

Smiles and Spanks,

P.S. I was gifted a few books from a spankee at Shadow Lane. The spanking book collection is always growing! 👋🍑😍📚