Mystery Solved!

Finally figured out where these spanking implements came from after randomly seeing a photo of one on FetLife! “Saba’s Bane” and “Master Bob’s Best Flogger”Β from Ms. Domina’s website The Frugal Domme…just in case anyone out there wants to purchase one too. 😊

For years I have saved the Aircraft Cable or “Saba’s Bane” for the truly naughty, it’s a nasty little toy! The “Master Bob’s Best Flogger” was used on me this afternoon by Josephine Drake – OUCH!

A special thank you to Mr. G for the gifted session. I am happily sore and already looking forward to my next spanking from Ms. Drake at the 50 Freaks Spanking Party next weekend in Las Vegas. πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

The Frugal Domme

Smiles and Spanks,Β

SPANK! at SF Catalyst

I will be attending β€œSan Francisco’s Hottest Spanking Party,” SPANK!, on Saturday February 15th at SF Catalyst. If you are also in the Bay Area and would like to attend then tickets can be purchased HERE.

“San Francisco’s legendary Spanking Party is coming back to the city by the bay! Almost everyone has incorporated spanking in some form into their kinky bag of tricks. SPANK is a pansexual celebration of that erotic art of spanking – from sensual sensation play to butt-blistering beatings, and everything and anything in between. Historically one of the friendliest events for BDSM and spanking community veterans and newcomers alike, SPANK provides an inclusive space where people of all experience levels may explore, learn, connect and play. While spanking is the focus of the night, only your imagination can limit the kind of fun you have at San Francisco’s hottest spanking party!”

Smiles and Spanks,Β


A wonderfully exciting and intense week full of NaturallyGin sessions as well as my own personal playtime. Today is for relaxation, comfort and catching up on emails. A favorite painting below, just because.

Henri Matisse; La danse (second version)

“What I dream of is a balanced, pure and quiet art which can avoid the trouble or frustrating subjects. This kind of art gives everyone’s mind peace and comfort, like a comfortable chair where they can have a rest when tired.” – Henri Matisse

Smiles and Spanks,Β