Novel or Novella, but nothing new

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A Voice in the Corner

djbnovellas1_200As previously mentioned, LSF have released a new book of my work. The fact that this offering has previously been published is not that unusual, but be aware if you have bought my books before.

What strikes me as curious is that The Academy is being described as a novella. I don’t want to get lost in semantic arguments here and I am not particularly bothered by the description but my understanding is that a short story is a relatively short work with a single narrative and a novella is a relatively short work with multiple shifts in perspective and character view points.

The Academy, at almost 70,000 words is probably too long to be described as a novella, whilst the other two stories are largely structured as short stories.So strictly speaking none of these three stories are novellas.

That said you can’t argue that if you haven’t read or…

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My much needed spank-free extended weekend.

I can’t think of anything spanking related to post today, so here are some photos from my much needed spank-free extended weekend.

Activities included petting a goat, seeing some penguins, baking bread (for the first time), solo trip to Baker Beach, solo trip to the cinema, painting (not pictured, still incomplete) and drinking gin with an old friend on his birthday at our favorite place.

That reminds me, people keep asking me if the name “Gin” comes from the drink. It does not. Prior to creating NaturallyGin I actually had never even had gin, it wasn’t until a spankee gifted me this bottle that I tried gin for the first time. It is tasty and I do enjoy having a gin and tonic for celebratory reasons every once in a while, but the name “Gin” does not come from the drink.

Smiles and Spanks,

Sore Bottom!

Just a sore bottom and a few words.

“Thank you so much for the lovely spanking yesterday. I don’t think I’ve ever received a spanking like that where I was genuinely whining and hoping for it to end. I truly felt as if I was at your will and being properly disciplined. My bottom is also the sorest it’s been, a wonderful reminder of being under your control every time I take a seat.”

Sore Bottom!

Smiles and Spanks,